Sex and submission online.

Sex and submission online.
When my permanent secretary was going to go on maternity leave, I firmly decided that I would take on work only one that would agree to satisfy my sexual needs implicitly.
Began a series of interviews.
And, if the candidate seemed attractive to me, I declared to her head that I would pay generously, but she had to fulfill two conditions: Under the dress she should always wear stockings with a belt without panties, and all her holes should be open and ready any second take my “boyfriend.”

Contenders who agreed to such a difficult job did not appear, and I decided to quit this venture when another girl suddenly agreed.
Probably, she really needed money, but no more work came across.
She had a very pretty face and beautiful, slender legs, wrapped in shiny nylon.

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Unable to restrain myself, I approached her, knelt down and began to greedily stroke her slippery hips, lifting up her skirt all the higher.
She sat with her arms down, showing no resistance.
To finally make sure that the girl is ready to do this work, I got up, unbuttoned my fly, from which my hard member sprang out of the spring, and asked her to take it in my mouth.
She looked at me very expressively, then, after a second hesitation, moved her lips to the crimson head, and I saw my phallus slowly sink into her warm mouth.
Her sweet lips came to the middle of the trunk and stopped.
She clearly did not know what to do next.
Her inexperience touched me and stirred me to the extreme.
I realized that I would definitely take her to work and teach her all the ways of love.

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Gently covering her head with my hands, I began to make slow movements, gradually increasing the amplitude and tempo.
When the sperm went to the assault, I stuck out my rod so as not to cum in her mouth, and all the seed fell on her pantyhose.
Taking a breath and putting my “hero” in his pants, I gave her money to purchase the necessary ammunition, and told her to take up her duties tomorrow, the next day, as soon as she came, I closed the office from inside and ordered her to take off her dress and bra.
She was left with only a black openwork belt, but black stockings.
Having admired her appearance, I felt an irrepressible desire, and, throwing off my clothes, I violently seized the girl, knocking her over the carpet.
Sex and submission online.

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