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Vlada after an orgasm for a long time lay, came to himself, and Mary was lying next to the girl.
After lying for about an hour on the sofa, Vlada came to her senses, she lay down on Maria and began to kiss and caress her, the woman began to reciprocate her, they drowned in kisses and caresses.
The next morning, Maria and Vlada were awakened by men’s voices when they opened their eyes at the table in the room demonstratively sat and drank Lesha and Anatoly’s coffee.

Lyosha looked at the girls with a smile, said: “Ladies, you should have covered yourself with a blanket for the sake of decency, otherwise naked people make the boys nervous.”
“And why are you nervous, you are still gay, women don’t interest you,” Maria mumbled in response.
Girls impressively got up, having collected the scattered things from the floor, headed to the bathroom.
When out of the bathroom joined the guys to drink coffee.
Lesha told the girl that he met with Anatoly before the army, so as not to upset his parents, he met with her.
Vlada, having listened to the revelations of her ex-boyfriend, she did not scold him, but on the contrary, told him many thanks for bringing her to Maria, without whom she now cannot imagine her life.
He was very close, I could smell him, his hair tickled my nose and eyelashes, I pushed them back and pressed to the back of my head.
The soft hair was tangled in my fingers, they slid like grass length along my legs, flowing around them and rising again after me.
My fingers clenched involuntarily, feeling their firmness and elasticity.
They ran through each cell of the skin, tickled it, gently enveloping the fingers.

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My lips quivered, a smile appeared on my face, I touched the back of his head and kissed her weakly, pressed my cheek, chin, neck.
Fingers clenched his hair, I reached for his lips.
He lay on his side and slept, it was all dark, I closed my eyes, I did not need them, and I saw everything with my fingers.
Bending in front, touched his cheek, earlobe, lips stretched out and got a corner of his lips.
I felt his breath, the aroma and warmth that emanated from him, I pressed still dense.
Hands ran in search of shoulders and chest.
A light veil that covered him slid aside, I wanted to cuddle up even more, press into it, merge.
He was lying quietly, and this made me even unbearable.
Lips themselves began to kiss the body.
Inch by inch they covered his shoulder, arm, back, they felt every curve, every dimple and protrusion, they read information about his body.
The tongue touched the hairs, wetted them slightly, lips lifted them up and pulled them in, then the next and the next.
The hand slipped to his chest, walked over it, fingers gently clenched, pressing his body relaxed.
I pulled my hand towards myself, and persistently made every effort to turn him backwards.
Having achieved my goal, I raised myself and literally merged with him.
My body was pressed, filling all the voids between us.
The hand slid on him, fingers spread, they wanted to cover the space as much as possible, and clasping as much as possible and began to shrink, pulling his flesh into himself, they

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worked like a lip, they kissed everything they touched.
I wanted to twist it all over, cover it with saboi, stroke it, and kiss it like a delicate flower.
The lips touched his lips, they were sleepy and soft.
I touched them gently and immediately kissed them passionately, there was movement under them, I did not let go of the kiss, my tongue slid forward, spread my teeth, penetrated the mouth and touched it.
His mouth came to life, weakly at first, then he answered my kiss more emphatically.
My tongue slid forward, touched his skin and went into it.
He plunged deeper and deeper, I wanted to enter it all.
His kiss of tenderness was the answer to my efforts, I felt him on the tip, I was all there, went into him without a trace. Sex and the city season 2 episode 1 watch online.

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