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Blush did not leave her cheeks, she sneakily tried to touch her hardened nipples, thinking that her friend did not notice anything.
Christina decided it was time to move on to action, and, savoring the next detail, catching the moment when Diyana closed her eyes, ran her foot along the leg of her guest up and gently touching her soft hips reached her goal.
The finger rested on Diyana’s wet panties, Christine looked into her eyes and frankly blissed out, looking at how her friend’s eyes widened, and her mouth opened, without uttering a sound.

She continued to move, starting to massage the clitoris, Diyana closed her eyes and clutched at the edge of the table with her hands.
On the face of the hostess played a contented grin of the winner.
At one moment, the finger slipped from the cherished knoll, Diyana, recovering herself, sharply jumped and ran into the room.

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“Damn,” said Christie.
And standing up, slowly followed her.
The girl was lying on the bed, curled up, pulling her knees up to her chest.
Christine lustfully looked at the partially naked ass, and, sitting down next to her, hugged her friend.
– Well, what are you, silly? – She spoke like a child, gently stroking Diyana on the head and shoulders.
– What scared little? All is well.
I love you.
Diyana turned to her and, with tear-stained bright green eyes, stared, not blinking, at the girl.
“Really?” “Of course it’s true,” said Christina.
“Of course the truth is,” she thought, “oh, how I’ll love you today, my beloved bitch.”
The girls lay with their arms around each other, Diyana’s squelching became quieter, replaced by heavy sighs, when Christine’s hand slid down her back, climbed under her skirt and panties, and gently stroked her silky ass.

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Especially deeply she began to breathe when her friend’s finger caressed her back hole, and from this the soul of Christina sang with the voices of angels, because the goal was close.
A finger came down below, sweeping her vagina over her plump, juicy lips, and Diyana dug into her girlfriend with a passionate long kiss, gradually losing control of herself.
Christina pulled away from her friend’s lips, and, sitting on a bed that didn’t understand anything, began to pull the blue top off, exposing young resilient breasts with pink hardened nipples.
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