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Slightly belly belly wrestler.
Knocked me over.
Soft lips.

Stiff, prickly bristles.
Lips, tongue, eyes closed.
I ran down it.
And here he is, the moment desired! In my mouth – his dick.
Thinner and shorter than mine, but so desirable.
I am a little disappointed.
Dick tasteless, clean.
But I will make it drip, feel its indescribable taste.
I suck his dick, up and down, pressing my lips, right-left, I roll my tongue across the sky, circling on the head.
My greedy taste bumps are already beginning to catch: He pulls me by the shoulders, puts me to my face.
I put the dick on his lips.
My posture is not very comfortable.
He raises his legs, weaves them, I now have a good support, I fuck him in the mouth.
His dick rubs against my ass, I want to stick it, but no, it will not work, I will have to interrupt his pleasure, to deprive his mouth of a toy.
We change places, I’m on my back, he sucks my dick faster and faster, I come to the final.
He scratches the edge of the prick with his teeth, but the pleasure overlaps with small pain injections.
He pulls the cock out of his mouth,

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jerks off, I’m already close, and the dick is in his mouth again.

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An explosion of orgasm comes out of me with moans and a hoarse.
He drinks everything, spitting out small hairs.
He kisses me, and I feel the taste of his dick on his lips.
We kiss for a long time and delightfully.
When he comes off to take a breath, I quietly ask him: “- Take me.”
Convulsively tearing the condom packing with my teeth, putting it on, laying down on my stomach.
He is gentle, gently spreads my legs, buttocks.
He was careful, he moistened the point with saliva.
Slightly arched, dick enters.
And here he is, the moment desired! I slide in the ass, beating real live dick.
Heavy male body crushes me down.
Strong male hands hug me.
He turns me on my back.
Yes! Yes! I just wanted to – face to face.
Not a good idea, the cock slips all the time.
We return to the previous position.
He fucks me faster.
Raises, makes cancer, I podmahivayu.
I feel the touch of his eggs.
He puts me back.
He growls, I am also on edge.
Head white-sensual rubs on the bed.
He ends, deeply and painfully pushing a dick to the very depths of assholes.
But I feel good.
I’m smiling.
I fucked, fucked me! True, I never drank from his dick.
He: “- How are you?” I: “- Ok, but not enough.”
He: “- I need a break.”
In the shower, we wash each other the drooping red dicks.
We sit on the bed, smoke, drink beer.
We are talking.
Time is quite late.
Or disperse, or: I start again first, sucking, masturbating his dick with my lips.
He puts me on his side to take in my mouth.
Good idea.
Bad thought.
Double pleasure.
He sucks great.
At least sincerely.
He really likes it.
His movements distract me.
I lay on my back.
He sits on my horse. Sex factor tv show online.

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