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Urine trickled down her chin.
Having relaxed, Karl laughed and told the woman to clean everything up and wash.
When immediately after that we sat down to drink a sip, poor Sylvia was somewhat suppressed by what had happened.

She was shy all of us, witnesses of this scene, did not know where to look.
True, it passed,

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when Carl did the same with Corina.
My friend truly knew no fatigue, no boundaries.
Suddenly the doorbell rang.
Karl immediately jumped up and said that it was his old friend Ali, whom he had invited, but he forgot to tell us about it in time.
I already understood before that “there will be something”, and this one, already mentioned by Karl Ali, will appear on the scene of our orgy.
He was forty years old, he was dressed in a blatant outfit of the Harlem dandy, and a gas scarf and earring in the fleshy ear gave him a familiar type of rogue.
Officially, it was stupid to meet, because we were all naked, and therefore Ali just nodded to me and, ostensibly ignoring the stiff women, threw off his blue, tight trousers.
What appeared to our eyes, made both ladies flutter and squeeze themselves into their chairs.
The glasses in their hands were trembling.
Ali’s member was literally an exhibit from the zoological museum.
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The length was thirty centimeters in a calm state.
It is hard to believe, but there are such curiosities of nature.
That was a member of the old Ali.
The black guy himself calmly sat down in a chair, and, glancing at our long faces, he was satisfied with the effect produced.
He grinned and said, “Hello, ladies.
I am Ali.
I’m already here.
Everyone was silent.
Only the quiet laughter of Karl who was having fun and the heavy breathing of the frightened girls broke the brief calm.
Ali did not keep himself waiting, and he did not expect any invitations.
He got up, walked over to Sylvia, and ran his hand across her white, sour cream breast.
Sylvia bowed her head, her face was not visible, but by the way her breasts tightened, an excitation current ran through her body.
Then Ali knocked her back and easily entered her.
A heart-rending cry shook the room.
Sylvia struggled under a huge black body, pierced by a terrible weapon.
A member of Ali probably immediately got to the uterus, and now he beat her, flattening her, beating aptly, with targeted hits.
I could not look at it anymore, and went into the next room.
There I found my clothes and began to dress feverishly.
Of course, I was shocked by the scene that had just unfolded before me, and was even a bit excited, but I didn’t want to stay here anymore.
Corina flew into the room behind me.
Her eyes wide with horror were fixed on me.
“I do not want with him.”
she babbled, staring pleadingly at my face: “He will tear Sylvia apart, and then me.
This is a terrible animal, what does he need here? “” He is my friend “- fit Karl -” He will teach you something.
Good that you left the room where Ali is working with Sylvia.
After forty minutes, pleased and smiling in his black face, Ali walked into the room where we were sitting, leading the stumbling Silvia by the hand.
He sat down on the couch next to us and stretched contentedly. Sex film movie online.

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