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Olga always loved to dance.
A second bottle of vodka appeared on the table, and the guys, in her opinion, were too often attached to the glasses while dancing.
Now they began to undress the eyes and hands, in the dance, trying to touch.

Drunk and in her own audacious young woman it was very interesting to watch the further development of the plot, and she decided for herself that today she would give them everything, but on her own terms.
I wanted to forget and jump over the Turkish epic with a new adventure, with new participants and rules of the game.
So, she joined in this game as a director.
The dancers, at first each separately, imperceptibly formed a triangle, in the center of which was a young and such an attractive woman for the children.
The tops of the triangle the strongest magnet attracted his core.
Olga flew in the dance, feeling the increasing attention of men, so that light touch to the thighs, that’s where someone’s hand stroked his chest, that’s a timid kiss in the neck under the ear.
The hands that have covered the hips from behind, very perceptibly press the ass up to the male member that has risen – and we will rub, we also get high.
The grip increased, and the hands slipped into the crotch.
Yes, press me there stronger! Strong hands squeezed the chest – I do not mind, they took off the strap from the shoulder – now I will help.

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The dress slips to her legs, the bra is taken off, freeing her breasts from tight captivity.
And a beautiful woman, throwing her head back, on the shoulder of a man standing behind, kissing her neck and shoulders, puts her chest to caress the other two.
What a pleasure, it is not four different people, it is already a single whole.
They caress her from all sides, covering her whole body with kisses, she responds with her hands, lips, all with her body.
Ah, someone dare descend by kisses along the belly below and below.
Come on, cheer! Pulling down her panties ,.
kisses on the pubis.
Yes, lower, lower, she is waiting for you, even stronger! His lips find the clitoris cherry and press it, kissing hard.
She groans and bends all over when a hot wave of desire runs through her body.
His hands on the hemispheres of the ass squeeze them, drawing her lips to her lips.
You won! You will be the first.
Here is your prize.
She drops to her knees, clasps his head and digs a passionate kiss into the winner’s salty lips.
Drops on his back and attracts him.
With convulsive movements, he slips out of his clothes, which bind him below, a crackling sound of tearing matter is heard, and in one movement he enters the womb opened for him.
She throws his legs on his back so that he can go deeper into it.
Come on, get in me stronger, tougher, deeper, now I’m all in your power, take me all! And he takes it so sweetly, slamming its winner into his prize with bitterness.
The other two pairs of hands are stroking and caressing the body, which shudders at the blows falling on it.
That pace is higher and higher, now the apotheosis of intercourse will occur.
Even more cute, a little bit more.

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And an explosion of light and color, which is the final.
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