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Tatyana Viktorovna reacted to this action from Kolya with a prolonged and contented groan.
She closed her eyes, smacking her lips shamelessly, and continued to suck.
See how she likes it.

All this led even stronger, even a minute, and I would definitely finish in her mouth.
But then Kolya appeared again.
Toch, I can no longer tolerate.
Well, you see.
Kolya was already standing next to me, and unbuttoning his pants.
Tatyana Viktorovna stopped, and let out of my mouth my dick.
Antosh, well, give the place to a friend — he tried so hard, ”the teacher played up.
She was charming.
The lipstick was slightly smeared, and saliva gleamed around the mouth.
But I was not happy that she interrupted the suction.
Why did you stop? Well, Antosh, you are two, and I have one mouth.
I did not even know what to do.
In fact, after all, she was right.
He himself wanted this topic.
Seeing that I was hesitating, she continued: Get used to honey.
Moreover, I already want you to enter me from behind.
I grinned and looked at Kohl.
He looked at the teacher obscenely, never taking his eyes off her.
A member of his almost tore his pants.
And I understand that she will not suck him for a long time.
A minute or two, I thought.
Come on, Kolya, – Kolya hesitated, shaking his legs, not knowing where to put himself, – and finally take off your panties.
While Kohl pulled off his pants, I stepped aside so as to watch them from the side

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Come to me, Kolya, – the teacher gently called him to her.
Well, you are a slut, Tatiana Viktorovna! – burst out of me.
I thought she was upset and offended at me, and she just looked at me and smiled.
From the first day I thought of her so, sometimes I even wanted to call her that, but everything did not work out.
And now, issued as the spirit.
Meanwhile, Tatyana Viktorovna began to appease Colin’s dick.
She did not immediately start sucking him, but at first she kissed everything, and walked around the entire area with a tongue – as if getting acquainted.
From her touches and kisses, Kohl shuddered frantically.
Gradually, the teacher began to swallow his head.
Kolya seemed to relax and closed his eyes.
And I decided to go to the teacher from behind, and check her condition.
I approached her from the rear, and gently, with my palm slapped her on the pope.
There was quite a ringing slap around the room (as it used to be brothers.
For a couple of minutes realized two desires).
The teacher immediately invitingly wag her hips (conditioned reflex).
I approached her pussy, and mentally noted to myself, a job well done by a friend.
He did a good job, Kohl, – I put two fingers into her vagina, it was already hot, wet and slippery, – it flowed well.
With one hand, I nadrachiv himself a member, and the second, at the same time, massaged her clitoris and anus.
From such caresses, the teacher began to wag her hips more actively, and as a result, she moved her head more actively, beginning to really suck Colin’s cock.
Continuing to caress her holes, I picked up a tube of grease on the table.
Slightly squeezed out of the gel, smeared himself, and after a few moments, entered the teacher.
Holding her hips, I slowly began to fuck her.
Kohl opened his eyes, and began to observe my actions.
I’ll finish it now, probably, – Kolya admitted, breathing heavily.
This is good, – I answered him, continuing to slowly fuck the teacher, – drop it in her mouth or on her face.
She does not mind.
In Roooot, Kolya could not stand it, groaned and finished in the mouth.
He pushed his pelvis, imitating the motive movements. Sex toys for girls online.

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