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She hung her purse over her head, hands tucked deep into the pockets of her cloak.
Shifting from one foot to the other, she waited for a gap between the cars, and this made me think of something else.
Tanya minced back and forth, as if she could not afford to stop.

I saw such a movement before a year ago, and my opinion strengthened.
The light changed to red and it rushed across the street toward the house.
I could not help them; the nearest toilet was in our apartment, and the secluded place was on the other side of the street through which we passed.
We walked alongside.
– How’s your exam? – I asked.
– Slavik, I feel bad! – not hearing me, aunt whispered.
– I feel very bad! Suddenly, she stopped abruptly, grabbed my shoulder with her right hand, and with her left, she clamped the crotch through her coat pocket, even lifted her leg, helping her bladder.
“I’m a leak now,” she moaned.
– Let’s go, – I pulled the sleeve, –

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we must get to the apartment.
– Wait, and no where it is impossible on the sidelines :, – in her eyes there was a prayer.
Poor aunt, she never learned to say the words: piss, fuck and others.
– No, we have already entered the yard.
It was here that I felt uneasy, all around playgrounds, windows.
I imagined how Tatiana touched in our yard, in front of my friends.

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I then will not pass from the jokes.
As luck would have it, she was seized by another attack.
Tanya froze like a heron on one leg.
– Oh, mommies! Well, for what is it to me? I closed my eyes, now my aunt just burst between the legs along the seam.
Then Tatiana realized that she was standing in the middle of the courtyard, demonstrating her desperate situation.
The last twenty meters to the entrance we flew at a trot.
– On the elevator or on foot? – I asked and hit on both call buttons, somewhere upstairs the elevator roared.
Aunt did not hear me, leaning against the wall, with twisted legs, holding the crotch with both hands.
The floors of the cloak were thrown back, the hem of a black fitting dress was crumpled and tucked between your legs.
By the way, we bought this dress together.
Immediately after arrival, I criticized all her Chinese outfits.
And he didn’t want to spit that they considered beautiful in their village.
As a result, I collected all of my savings, borrowed from friends, added some aunt money to them and bought a decent dress.
Then Tatyana, who was crazed, even forgot to kick me out of the fitting room.
Right in front of me, she dropped her pants and sweater and began to dress in the update.
And I, oshalev no less, on the kind of strong ass barely covered with panties, admired the bulk of the breast, which, in the rush of fitting, even fell out of the bra.
The dress was gorgeous, it was laced around the figure, it had two rows of shiny buttons and a funky cut on the thigh, almost to the pants.
Tatiana looked amazing, just a sex bomb.
I rightly believed that the likelihood of going to college was much higher.
I looked at the bent figure and scolded the elevator.
The appearance of her fingers cramped, showed that she was just hurt, very painful.
– Oh my God! Mom, please, no.
– Tatiana pushed off from the wall and ran past the elevator along the stairs, holding her hand. Sex with a camera.

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