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And then he felt that Natasha was beginning to cum, when she began to pulsate, squeezing her vagina, she did not scream, but just somehow softly howled.
Andrew also felt the approach of an orgasm, well, well, well, a little bit and made a movement up the pelvis, becoming almost on the bridge.
Natasha’s lowing and howl broke off, as the member entered her pussy deeply and firmly.

A strong contraction of the vaginal muscles immediately caused a convulsive twitching of the penis, and Andrew felt that Natasha was leaking, even sprinkled.
He realized that he had finished all the same, he gratefully clutched her lips.
Natasha answered him, Natasha flew out of all the holes as if from a bucket.
Everyone froze, no one left with any strength, just a loud intermittent, threefold breathing was heard.
Who it was louder, difficult to say.
Having untied, she wanted to go to the toilet, but she didn’t have strength.
Enough power to roll a little to the side on the bed.
Everyone noticed that it was already quite light outside.
Andrew was lying opposite Natasha’s ass, and could observe how his and Sergey’s sperm flowed out of her reddened and opened holes.
Natasha herself seemed altogether cut off, and only convulsively jerked from time to time.
Yes, the sex marathon was not frail, she had to work very, very not weakly.

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The first Sergey came to his senses, he remembered that he had seen Katya and Lesha watching them.
Then he tried to see if Ira was with them, but he was so busy with his process that it was hard to be distracted.
No one was visible in the doorway.
Listen, and what is it that turns out, we have not covered yours? – Andrei still had the strength to joke.
Everything is in your hands, act! – answered Sergey.
Here’s a damn cunning, you know that I’m no longer even offering the eby myself, and when I offered to take her here with us, you didn’t persuade.
She didn’t want, she was sleeping a lot, I offered you to persuade her myself, so why didn’t you? – Sergei objected.
Okay, it’s useless to argue with you, you will get out anyway, but I understand that Irka owes you, do you agree? I agree! – Sergey said pleased with himself and immediately added.
“And Natasha is already asleep,” Andrei listened.
Yes, asleep, listen, well, she smelled today and I saw Lech tearing her in the ass, I got so wound up from this that when we changed, I fucked her in the mouth and pussy, and in the ass, and then we with you, how much its fucked.
She is our star today.
First lady! Yes, the groovy woman, and at first I thought that she was very serious, and it would be uninteresting to them, but it turned out quite the opposite.
You know, I talked to her for a long time, and I realized that she had such sex for the first time, and maybe this is all Ponte

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? – said Andrei and immediately added.
– Listen, we will sleep, or how, I don’t want to fuck, you can hang up and sleep, how is it, by the way, my Katya, fucked? I missed her! They banged immediately for a hundred square meters to fall asleep faster, and it is better to sleep.
Well, all I went to myself, – said Sergey.
Wait, you just suggested that I go to Irina, well, sleep with Natasha, and I went to Ira, I still could not, so be honest, we will wake up with someone else’s wife. Sexy blonde cam show.

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