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I am telling you this now in the presence of a salabon: if you, blya, imagining yourself as grown old, you will decide to raise it at night.
“Arkhip, by saying this, pointed his finger at the frozen Hare,” if you force urinals instead of him to scrub, I will, Koch.
I’ll put you on cancer here in the morning, having pulled off your pants beforehand.

so that you, fucking zadrot, scent does not lose – ahead of time did not “grow old.”
You understood me? Corporal Koch, who in the company really was in a somewhat privileged position and who – because of his proximity to the company commander – no one of the old servicemen had ever really put pressure on, for the first time confronted with such an attitude, became confused.
and not only confused, but scared – frankly chickened out – shifting from one foot to the other, Koch looked at Arkhip with eyes slightly rounded from fear, by inertia still trying to preserve at least some semblance of some kind of independence.
Meanwhile, the murmur to the booth, where the Cormorant stood while casting, stopped, – the younger sergeant of the Cormorants, coming out of the booth into the aisle, looked at Arkhip with undisguised curiosity: he saw Arkhip for the first time in the joint service.
– I ask: do you understand me? – with increasing threat in the voice repeated Arkhip, not taking a cold scornful look from Koch.
Koch muttered something under his breath – indistinct, unintelligible.
– I can not hear! – Arkhip, who, it seemed, was already beginning to calm down, suddenly barked his “I can’t hear” with such force that even Baklan, who had never been able to bark like that, became uncomfortable for a moment.
– Fuck, fuck, are you chewing snot? Sexy mom cam.

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