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“Okay, we drove, we went to drink tea, otherwise we’ll stand in the bathroom, and then I’ll explain to you in the room all the advantages of your figure.”
Vlada smiled in response and the girls went into the room, they were conveniently located on the couch.
Maria hugged the girl, looking into her blue eyes, asked: – Vlad can you ask a provocative question? – Yes please.

Vlad you had sex with guys? If you do not want to answer the question then do not answer.
– Yeah, okay, I didn’t have any guys, and sex is only with Lesha, and you can’t call it sex.
We are friends with the third class.
After graduating from school, Lyosha and I failed the entrance examinations to the institute, the frustrated ones came to this apartment, and on this couch I suggested Lyosha to make me a woman, he did not refuse.
– Well, did you like it? – Honestly, I don’t know, we came, we drank, his parents weren’t at home, I made decisions to surrender to him.
Everything happened so fast, I just felt the pain and not some pleasure.
The next day they decided to repeat, and the third time he did not get a member at all.
I thought Lyosha would return from the army, we would get married, but Lyosha was just shocked, returned, yes not one, I understand everything, if his chosen one was a girl.
– I understood everything, there was sex, but there was no result.
Vlada, can I kiss you?
– Yes, please, Maria Alexandrovna.
– Vlad, let’s move on to you.
Call me Maria, please.
– Yes, somehow uncomfortable, by name.
– It is inconvenient to sleep on the ceiling, the blanket falls.
– Okay, Maria, agreed.

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– Can I kiss you? – Yes, Maria.
Maria lips touched the girl’s lips, Vlad hugged Mary and dug into her like a vampire, their tongues intertwined.
The girl’s hands spontaneously climbed over to Maria under her robe and began to stroke her body.
Maria tore the belt off her robe

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and threw it aside, removing the girl’s hands from her, took off her robe, exposing her body, and threw the girl on the sofa.
Vlada raised her ass and with one hand began to take off her pants and panties.
Maria removed her lips from the girl’s lips and whispered in her ear: “Vlada, I will help you.”
Maria took off the excited girl, threw their pants and panties to the floor, and then she helped the girl to release her upper body; she also casually threw the T-shirt to the floor.
Maria gently began to stroke the girl’s thin body, and her lips kissed her neck, slowly moving lower and lower.
Vlada let out a slight moaning, and her hands clenched her small breasts with such force that her knuckles turned slightly white.
Maria got it all the more instigated when Maria’s head appeared between the girl’s legs, Vlada widely spread them apart, giving her pussy in all her Maria cross-country.
This picture is very excited Maria, she began to play the language with the girl’s clitoris, and then, deeply sucking the clitoris, she got up in the girl’s wet hole at once with two fingers of her right hand.
Vlada screamed in surprise, Maria began to move her hand, and her mouth sucked her clit, the girl moaned with pleasure, from time to time she screamed.
Her wet pussy, which Maria didn’t give rest, very liberally released a lubricant that flowed straight into the anus.
Vlada began to rush and bend right under Maria.
Vlada fell on her right side, and the woman’s leg was thrown on her shoulder, Maria greased the index finger of her left hand with a lubricant and touched it to the anus, the girls lightly stroking it.
From these unusual sensations Vlad moaned louder, Maria gently drowning a finger in the anus of the girl began to rhythmically move with both hands, the girl’s cries grew louder and louder, and soon the girl huddled in an orgasm.
When the limp body of the girl fell on her back, she said: – Maria, you have no idea how cool it is to me now.
The woman lay down next to kissed the girl’s chest quietly said: – Everything is for you. Sexy mom hidden camera.

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