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Sexy sat live streaming. The princess squeaked, repeating the gesture.
Yurra turned out to be a servant, a bodyguard and a spy in one person, and she performed all three duties very poorly, although she tried.
It quickly became apparent to Lien that the woman was completely unsuited to the high society.
On a horse in the field, she would have looked much more appropriate.

The mighty woman walked, stamping loudly, she put on a dress, but she hung a sheath with a long dagger on her belt, which caused shock in Lien and peremeshki in everyone else.
Yurra did not understand the servants, but commanded gestures, and they obeyed her, because the prince ordered it so.

Lien fed, dressed in a simple coarse but clean dress, provided a barrel of warm water.
She very much hoped that the servants did not spit there, very gloomy and shamelessly they were staring at her.
And then the evening came, Yurra retired without saying goodbye, and the prince entered the bedchamber.
Drauke was rather tired, but he stood steadfastly.
He put a jug of wine on the table and made an inviting gesture, after which he personally filled the princess cup.

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“So, your highness,” Drauc sipped his wine.
– My father will arrive at the end of the week, while you can live in the palace, you know, your fate cannot be decided without him.
Only influence, but not decide.
“I understand,” Liena drained the goblet down without feeling the taste of great wine.
– Can I count on death at the hands of the executioner? “Hm,” Drauc filled the princess’s cup again.
– I doubt it.
“I see,” gloomy Lien swallowed the wine like spring water.
– So, you decided to give me a fun soldier or a brothel.
– Wow! Who told you this, your highness? – I am not a fool and I understood everything myself! – the princess jumped to her feet.
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