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For a particularly slow-witted explain, we were not supporters of the removal of vegetation in the groin.
I always liked to play with her hair.
Yes, and she often liked to run her fingers in my thickets.

In general, for some time we successfully used the newly discovered method to increase desire.
I returned to the old sexual rhythm without any problems when we first began our family life.
However, as it turned out, this method had one major drawback.
Still, clearing the intestines before sex was somewhat wrong.
And the wife sometimes came across a finger at the fragments of vital activity that were not suitable for intimate moments.
Therefore, after consulting, we agreed on the opinion that a small butt plug with a vibrator can help.
I will not argue that I could not have sex without traffic in the ass.
But the feeling of pressure on the prostate during sex increased the allowance and encouraged further experimentation.
My wife and I tried a lot of poses that we never got to when we were young.
One way or another, our sex life has returned to normal and continued regularly throughout the year.
At work, together with the rise of my self-esteem, things went the best way possible, which, in the end, brought a substantial increase in money.
Life began to enter the usual rut, if not for one case.

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I began to notice that the use of cork for prostate massage began to prevail over the pleasure of the act itself.
When my wife was not at home, I decided to check it out.
Undressing, I inserted the cork and turned on the weak vibration mode.
My handsome instantly rose like a bayonet.
However, the pleasure continued to grow, although I did not touch the penis.
Waves of pleasure slowly spread from the anus up and down the body, causing unusual feelings.
I just lay on the bed, listening to my feelings.
They did not concentrate in one place, but dispersed in circles throughout the body.
I felt a pleasant warmth even in the feet and fingers.
Strange, but surprisingly pleasant feeling.
Searches for information on this issue led to gay sites.
It may seem funny to someone, but I completely ignored such sites, finding the very existence of such a phenomenon as having sex with a man of the same sex as deeply disgusting.
However, after wandering around the forums, visiting a dozen dating sites, I was surprised to find that quite adequate people communicate there, the very nature of which forms such sexual behavior.
Some months I hung out on similar sites.
A strange desire began to form in my heart, which I noticed on one of the forums.

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“Heterosexual, but I want in the ass.”
It turns out that I was not so unique who pondered this thought.
Then he rejected it for a week, two, a month.
But she came back again and again.
Maybe really try? How is it to feel in someone else’s dick? What do men feel when they give up? For some reason, this thought made the heart beat more often, causing blood to flow to the penis.
And once I decided to post a profile on a dating site.
34 years.
No experience.
I would like to meet a guy of close age without experience.
At first it was just interesting for me to open the box to see that there are people who want to communicate. Teen girl webcam squirt.

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