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In the end, the General Council decided to leave the mare for the night with Caesar in the pen, supposedly, where he will go.
Uncle Vova went home sober, last night he went to a neighbor to drink, seeing my failure.
Caesar and filly stood in different corners of the pen.

I walked over and stroked my horse.
He snorted.
“He likes you.
He usually does not allow anyone, “- said Seryoga behind me.
I turned around.
He stood wide apart with his strong legs, bare to the waist with wet hair on his head.
I even groaned from his sight.
It was evident that Seryoga had just returned from swimming in the river.
The heat was terrible.
It seemed to me that he wanted to say something to me first, but then he kept silent.
– Where is Micah? – In the river splashing.
I went to the river and found Mishka sitting on the bank.
– How are you? – Yes, all is well.
Only here everything is burning there.
– Well nothing.
Will pass it.
Excuse me if that: I said this in a conciliatory way, tenderly embracing Mishka by the shoulders.
He was to be on duty last night, I decided to stay here too, and we went to the hut to have a snack.

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In the hut, we found Seryoga, who was just putting homemade food from the bag for dinner.
– “Are you with us?” – He asked, and so looked at me, that I was just dumbfounded.
If Aunt Pasha had not told me about his fucking womanizer fame, I would have thought he was gay.
We drank a glass of moonshine, ate nicely, sat for a while, having a normal conversation about everyday problems, yes, overcame with a drink and the midday heat, I did not notice how I fell asleep.
I woke up again from this light bulb, the light of which struck me sharply in the eyes, her mother enlarged.
Well, I think eleven means.
I went to look for guys.
Caesar stood quietly in the pen, and from the stack next to me I heard voices.
– You promised that I will fuck you first! – said Seryoga.
– Well, I’m sorry, it happened.
– I heard a mishkin voice in response and stopped in my tracks.
– It turns out this way: you immediately gave the first visitor, but you have been fooling me for a whole year! – insisted Seryoga.
– Come on now! – I can not.
It hurts everything there.
– Well suck then! – Maybe I will succeed? – I said unexpectedly for myself and came out from behind the stack.
Hearing my voice, the couple lurked and was silent.
I approached them.
My hell was already only because Seryoga was still gay.
I do not know where so much decisiveness came from in me, but I didn’t waste time and, boldly embracing Seryoga

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, kissed him passionately.
And then, covering his chest and stomach with kisses, he began to slowly descend down to the shorts and, touching his lips through the fabric to his already open and swollen head, began to gently tighten them. Teen live sex chat.

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