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Have you seen yourself? – Said the pants chef.
She lifted herself with an effort in her arms and, looking into her crotch, was stunned.
Instead of her neat shell, there was a huge hole between her legs, from which sperm splashed out in a stream, forming a puddle.

This dyren was surrounded by two red dumplings of the genital sponges, and this building was crowned with a burgundy clitoris, swollen to the size of a decent acorn.
Will you let me out? – quietly asked Olga, reasoning in anticipation of the answer.
A little thought, he replied: No, the contract, but a week of fully paid vacation with bonus will do.
Then give your poison from the nightstand, I myself will not get it.
The chef handed her a glass, and she drained it to the bottom.
For a change, he fucked her in the ass.
And again she suffered, she wanted such sex, hard, in all holes, with perversions and a lot of tensioning her members.
Then the circle closed, but for her it was the sixth, seventh, tenth.
And somewhere later, she was revived by a conversation that had already lasted for some time in an understandable language, but not Russian.
Focusing a little, she realized that they spoke English.
Spoke one of the Turks, sitting on the nightstand and smoking a cigarette, answered him the second, puffed on it.

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After graduating from the special school, she was fluent in spoken English.
The first thought was to say in English, so that she would be allowed to go home.
While she was formulating herself the most convincing arguments, the one who was sitting on the bedside table said: And the boss of this whore can then be thrown into the second half of the rollback.
To catch hold of some little thing in execution and throw.
Still, five hundred thousand big money.
He and those that are now taken for life will suffice.
And Demyanich? – puffing, asked being over her.
He will not complain to Tolstoy, he is not crazy, he will rub it into powder if he finds out that he threw it at four million, acquiring all the equipment from us.
Well, then we will pause the details.
And now go,

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finish meshing.
The Turk got up from the bedside table, with a lustful look, looked at the sprawled woman and, straightening in the groin, went out.
Olga, instantly sober from what she had heard, clenched her teeth, was silent.
Then there was the next and the next.
Awakened, she angrily thought: “What are they, Viagra eat with spoons or what? Or the same cocktail that I slipped, drink buckets? When will it be over? ”Finally, it was over, without fanfare and warnings, just no one came in again.
She was still lying in the prescribed position, having spread her legs wider so that anyone could immediately enter her without any delay, and the next fucker of her torn body did not go.
Having listened, she did not hear the usual hubbub in the hall.
Lowering her legs to the floor, she tried to get up, but she shook, and she leaned against the wall.
So on the wall she went into the hall, from it flowed all the way.
Seeing her belongings scattered on the floor, she squatted down and, as far as possible, quickly collected them and began to pull herself on.
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