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Marina called after 4 days at lunch, said she could call at 16 o’clock.
Sergey took time off from work, ran home, took a shower, turned on lyric music and began to set the table for the guest — wine, fruit, candy.
Marina came in a denim short skirt in a tight, translucent blouse.

Sergei gallantly spent a guest in the bath, showed a cure for watering flowers, offered his help.
Marina, specifically to tease, asked to vilify the watering can.
Then, with a cat’s grace, with a cat’s grace, she began to water the flowers, bending and bending down as low as possible.
Sergey accompanied her body movements with a burning gaze.
Having finished watering the flowers, Marina defiantly sat on the sofa and with a smile asked to give the lady some coffee.
Sergey was just waiting for this, almost ran to the kitchen, and soon rolled out a beautifully served table.
“Coffee is served, my lady!”
Then, sitting next to the sofa, he began to uncork the wine, pour it into wine glasses, lay out fruit.
– The first toast to the savior of flowers !!! – Gallantly

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got up, clinked glasses and they gladly drank.
– Wow, strong wine, immediately head stupefied-noticed Marina after drinking.

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Sergei immediately poured a second glass, stood up.
– For the savior of single husbands !! – Marina laughed, retorted, I have not saved anyone yet.
slyly squinted-A need ?.
Sergey drank and rattled.
“Of course I have to, look how I became skinny, neglected, I cannot sleep from hunger, my thoughts are overpowered!”
They laughed and Marina sympathized with the poor, – stroked his cheek.
Sergei immediately grabbed his hand, kissed his palm and purred — the savior, the wet-nurse.
At the same time, with a laugh, he continues to kiss his hand rising higher and higher.
Marina laughed heartily without interfering with the manifestations of feelings.
Oleg reached the shoulder, paused and poured wine over wine glasses.
– For the flowers, thanks to which I have the happiness of seeing a woman in me, whom I have long loved !!! – They drank.
Marina in a languid voice, putting a pen to her forehead, said something about my head is spinning, I feel drunk and lose control.
probably from your wine, and maybe from the heady kisses? – Sergey instantly reacted, started kissing on the neck, on the cheek and finally on the lips, with a long kiss.
Marina did not immediately respond to his kiss, slightly throwing back her head.
Sergey started kissing his chest, stomach, hips during a kiss.
Marina did not interfere with his caresses.
Kneeling down, Sergei began kissing and unbuttoning his blouse, continuing to kiss his chest in a beautiful bra.
Then he went to the stomach, began to go down below.
Kissing through her bosom skirt, Sergey with both hands stroked her legs and hips, slowly lifting her skirt higher and higher. Video online sex free.

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