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But it was definitely not the case.
Summer dress, barefoot, and, that especially struck him – her absolutely bald head.
It was evident that the hair was removed carefully, and not just cut off.

Worked master.
Because even so she looked quite attractive.
For the ghost of course.
– And you do not remember what happened to your hair? She sighed again, so much so that the curtains swayed.
– No, I do not remember.
I only know that I need to find them.
Someone took them, and then took my life.
But – who was it? How did? What for? – she sighed again – I don’t remember.
– Excuse me, they are not here – my hair, so I’ll go and look for more.
– The ghostly vision slowly moved towards the exit.
“Sorry to bother you.”
– Wait, let me help you.
I do not guarantee that I can find them, your hair, but I can return your memory in a state.
Although my strength is not as great as before, but most of the knowledge does not require divine origin.
“Can you really help?” – She turned so abruptly that for some instant her figure was wrapped in a cloak of long hair.
Or did he think? he did not have time to blink – and the girl was already directly in front of him and gently touched

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the fingers of his face.
“I don’t know how I can thank you.”
– It all depends on whether you can accept my help.
You see, the method is not quite normal.
Well, it is of course common among you mortals, but it has a completely different meaning.
Especially in modern times.
I just want to help.
And Thor touched her wrist with his hand and ran his hand along his arm, up to the shoulder.

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The skin was like silk, barely perceptible, weightless.
And caused a slight tingling in the fingers.
She tried to pull back her hand.
She already knew that her touch caused only cold and melancholy.
But he is a god.
And he himself took her hand.
She looked at him, then at her hand, gently stroking her skin.
Such a warm hand.
– What way? It.
It hurts? – Well, for the first time it is unpleasant, but at first.
Then it can be very nice.
His hand went to the neck, and then to the girl’s cheek.
He physically felt her anxiety and anxiety mixed with the desire to feel human warmth.
While continuing to stroke her skin, he began to gather his divine powers, because what he intended to do required special concentration.
It’s one thing to touch a ghost, there’s not a lot of mind here, but here’s a ritual.
She leaned towards his hands – so warm and gentle.
And then she recoiled – a radiance spread around him.
But her hands held her, and she beat helplessly, frightened and blinded by this radiance.
– Do not be afraid.
– He felt her fear.
Such a wild, as if from those times when thousands and thousands of people bowed before the face of the Gods.
“I won’t hurt you.”
Look at me – and say that I will not hurt you.
For a long time she could not bring herself to open her eyes.
A quiet voice convinced her – but she was afraid.
After all, even through the closed eyelids penetrated this shine.
But he quietly persuaded – and she tried to look at him.
– You.
Do not offend? – Not.
“And he let her go, to prove that he was not forcing anything.”
He just looked at her, in her eyes, because the silhouette looked more and more like a living person.
Most of all forces left on giving of the physical form.
After all, only with a living person could do what God planned.
And she pulled away and stunned feeling her body.
Hands gently held on the sides, delineating a thin waist, touched the high chest, wound a strand of long hair on the finger.
She looked up.
– You.
Have you revived me? You really are a god! – And threw her neck, hung and kissed, frantically and passionately.
– Now we need to hurry – Hel wants to return back what was taken from her.
– He began to quickly undress, good on him were only his underpants.
– Will you allow? Watch sex and the city movie 2008 online free.

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