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Everyone raised their hands, even my spouse, although we didn’t practice it with him before, it wasn’t with him, of course.
And they somehow didn’t even ask me.
The men stood around me, sticking with their hands on the handrails and ropes, I had to sit down and around my face were three members at once, already filling up with a desire for a certain character.

With all the actions, the captain was driving and commenting, too, allowed himself only: – Well, dear, suck the lambers around the circle, and we will not leave you too offended.
– and brought his penis closer to my lips, – see which dicks – one is more beautiful than the other.
Indeed, completely three different members stood before me.
The captains – huge, with a purple swollen head, all entwined with veins with huge hairy eggs that did not fit even in my palms, looked straight at me.
The fat and short member of Mikhalych, 15 centimeters, probably, but in the girth of 6–7 centimeters, with a pale head and eggs covered with sparse gray-haired hair, was lowered, but made persistent attempts to rise.
A member of my Beloved stood out sharply from the whole company – against the background of his shaved pubis and scrotum, slender, with a neat burgundy head, stood at attention, despite the amount of alcohol drunk.
For starters, I began to pitch in turns around the members around me, then took it in Captain’s mouth, but not at full length, but caressing his tongue and hand squeezing the eggs, sucked the head until he himself removed me from myself.

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Then Mihalych slipped into my mouth, he hadn’t been there today, in the meantime, my hands were occupied by members of my husband and Captain.
Mihalych became furious, his cock became stronger, he took me by the shoulders and began to fuck in the mouth, wheezing and puffing like a locomotive.
When his fucking body was brought into working condition, I turned to a spouse member.
I sucked with great pleasure, making a lot of smacking sounds, licking it in a circle, sucking the scrotum and playing with the tongue with its balls.
The first could not resist Mikhalych, he pushed my husband aside, put his penis in my mouth and, after several

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movements, began to finish.
Sperm was not much, it was not thick and fresh to the taste, I swallowed it.
My darling did not cum in my mouth.
and poured it all on the chest
Over the member of the Captain had to try again.
I jerked him with both hands, sucking the head.
The captain mooed something that was not articulate, then his balls swelled sharply, he pushed me away from his penis, took him by the hair and threw back his head.
Tight jet of sperm, as if from a hose, struck me in the face, filling my eyes and nose.
I opened my mouth so as not to choke, it was immediately filled with thick sperm.
The second portion of thick liquid Captain poured my chest.
It is unimaginable how much sperm can fit in his eggs.
– Fuck the nipple! – stated the captain and gave me a towel, and my husband gave me a wine glass to rinse my mouth.
The members of the men fell somewhat after my work.
above them, and only with the Captain, he continued to stand proudly, violating all the principles of gravity.
– Women in forty years old end up with cancer, – Captain grinned, – to you, Lanka is almost, right? – I nodded my head.
– Well, it means you will have a bonus early.
Come on, take a stand, but push your ass apart, we will uncork it.
gee, gee
– He clearly liked his joke.
“Maybe we will start with a smaller size,” I prayed, presenting him in my ass.
– Well, okay, but for now these are hmyri.
– he nodded at Mikhalych and my husband, – they are sunbathing, let me run through your cunt and zhopka at the same time with grease. Webcam caught nude.

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