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The second game and again Vlad’s desire, he went on, asked the girls to erotically eat a banana.
Natasha and Yana fulfilled the wish for five plus, but now they were no longer interested in playing, the joint “sucking” of a banana turned into a passionate kiss.
The girls decided to make a show for us.

We settled for more comfortable, I opened my dressing gown to the doctor and stroked my already standing member through the pants, Vlad seemed to do the same, only through his pocket.
And the girls, meanwhile, were moving to affection.
Natasha put Yana on her knees stroking her pussy through her panties, sometimes slapping her ass.
Then pushing the strip of linen back, she inserted her finger into it, took it out and licked it.
Everything! I pulled my cock out of my pants and openly jerked off, Vlad did not hesitate to do the same.

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He got a good tool, fat, beautiful, so seductive that the girls could not resist.
Natasha, took out two sleep masks and in turn put them on Vlad and me.
And after a moment, I felt a tender palm on my organ, and then someone’s sweet lips.
I could not help but recognize the mouth of my beloved, its lips slid along my trunk, and the tongue wriggled around the head.
And not enduring more such “torments” I finished in Natasha’s mouth, took off the mask, smiled at my wife and began to watch how Jan swallowed the other member next to me.
And my wife, with a wink at me, attached herself to them and they in turn began to suck the cock of a guy whom I had not even recently known.
I stroked my dick, watching what was happening, they sucked Vlad’s instrument so sweetly that I also wanted to taste it.

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I moved closer to them, passionately kissed both girls, and looked like in centimeters from my face, my wife licked like a “chupa-chups” this beautiful thick member.
Looking at me, Natasha understood everything and holding Vlad’s body by the trunk sent it to me in her mouth.
How delicious he was, how pleasant it was to feel this flesh in his mouth.
I began to suck it greedily, and the girls were so excited by this that they finished with their fingers on the wet pussies of each other.
Vadim was moaning from the buzz and didn’t even guess who was sucking on him, Natasha got between my legs and started to work my dick with her mouth, Yana joined my ass and began to caress the hole with her tongue.
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