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Another slap made her not only scream but barely audibly bark.
But this was not enough, now she was painfully knocked off with the handle of the whip and she barked desperately loudly like a bitch, and every time she wanted to stop, they beat her and she continued to bark and bark.
That, to tell the truth, was the logical conclusion to turning her into a bitch.

She once again began to bark when she received a whip through the crotch and was silent, perhaps everyone was tired of her sounds.
She was unfastened from the bench and lifted to her knees, freed her hands and lowered to all fours, after which she was led away somewhere.
They spent a long time, by smell and cooler air, she realized that she was taken out of the building.
When they stopped, they grabbed her by the shoulders and put her on her knees, then with a sharp movement tore the mask off her face.
She screamed in pain when the stuck sperm seemed to rip the skin off her face, and nonetheless was glad to feel freedom again.
But when she barely opened her eyes, she was not happy about where she was.
They stood in front of one of the numerous dog enclosures that stretched along the long corridor of a large barn.
In some of them were guests of different breeds, and some were empty.
In the nearest enclosure, a large German shepherd dog slept on the right, and an even larger Caucasian Shepherd Dog in the left.
Barely tearing her gaze from her future neighbors, she looked around at the small aviary in front of which they stood and which most likely was meant for her.

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It was two by two meters in size, made of thick metal rods, a little over a meter high, which would have made her on all fours, in one corner lay a small stack of hay, and in the other there were two bowls, one with water, and the other with dry dog food.
She wanted to eat and eat like hell, but it was not at all what she had

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hoped for.
Jacques pulled earplugs from her ears and the world was filled with sounds, mostly dog ??barking and squabbling.
But she turned pale with fear when she saw a knife in his hands.
She did not even have time to scream as he in one sharp movement ripped her latex suit across her chest, with the result that her big boobs fell out.
He worked a little more on the new hole, making it bigger, and told her to turn around and bend over, which she obediently fulfilled, putting his ass up.
He enlarged the cut for her ass so that both buttocks were now completely free.
Masha unwittingly let out an exhale of relief, for which she earned a painful slap on the ass and bit her lip.
Then Jacques took something similar to a dog’s tail from the hands of his assistant, from the other end it was an anal plug of a rather impressive size.
He easily shoved her into her hole stretched and moistened with sperm and slapped her ass and told her to wiggle her booty, which Masha did, feeling like a hairy tail began to beat her on her bare buttocks.
“Now turn around and thank the owner, as befits a real bitch!” Masha quickly began to remember how the dogs usually behaved when they received something tasty or when they met the owner.
Having painted a clear picture in her mind of what she needed to do, she turned on all fours to Jacques and began wagging her booty happily, as befits a bitch like her, while sometimes breathing heavily and spilling out her tongue out, she barked, showing her gratitude.
Boobs sharpening from a slot cut in latex shook with her joyful jumps.
At the same time, she was terrified and thought to what had come.
Jacques smiled in surprise, not expecting the slave to enter the dog’s role so quickly and with such enthusiasm, given how much she screamed when she realized that the dog had fucked her in the mouth. Webcam nude little girl.

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