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23 live sex acts.
Here is my advice.
Otherwise terrible dangers and terrible adventures await you.
For your life I will not give you a dead and dry fly.

“Why is it?” – asked Buratina.
“But you will see it – to the pochchchemu,” said the Speaking Cricket.

He lowered his small mouth to her clitoris and, softly crackling cry-cree, began to chill it with his insistent tongue.
Buratina went crazy.
She jerked awkwardly and moaned loudly, continuing to ram her crack with her grip.
– Oh, you, a hundred year old bug-cockroach! – shouted Buratina, not realizing herself in a fit of passion.
– More than anything, I love scary adventures.
Tomorrow I’ll run out of the house a little light n to climb the fence, to ruin the bird’s nests, to tease the boys, to pull the tails of dogs and cats.
And I will allow everyone to insert their fingers into my holes! Thin and fat, young and old, everything that I just meet, will tickle me inside.
I’ll think of something else !.
Just do not stop, please !!! – I feel sorry for you, sorry Buratina, you will shed bitter tears.

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“Why is it?” – again asked Buratina.
“Because you have a stupid wooden head, and you think with your lustful holes.”
Because, like any urban whore, you will know many members, but you will not know happiness.
He did not have time to finish.
Buratina accidentally turned the hammer head in such a way that with another blow Sverchka pressed her clit into her clit.
Distraught, from indescribable pleasure, the girl rushed on the floor.
Her hands were spread wide, legs bent at the knees, the liquid sprinkling from the vagina broke against the hammer head and fell abundantly on the floor.
The old clever cricket fell to the floor and stood motionless, taking with it the meaning of words new to Buratina.
Lust, whore, members.
23 live sex acts.

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