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For the fall scene, towels would be good for more viewers.
And, in order not to go urgently to the bath and not to pick up the bikini, I brought along a white pareo.
Wetting him on the hips, I decided, in any case, a long time to sunbathe today can not, the first time this season, after all.

I parked in the parking lot near the Hilton, took the parking ticket for two hours and tucked it under the windshield, I shut the door and pressed the button on the remote control.
The alarm sounded, the headlights blinked, and I tapped my heels on the paved walkway to the beach.
Passing showers and dressing rooms, past umbrellas and pizza kiosks, I took off my shoes.
Very hot.
I clumsily ran across the loose, burning sand to the sun beds, which stood ten meters from the sea.
Around the sun beds, the sand was wet and cool, you could not rush.
I walked along the slender rows of blue trestle beds, looking for a place.
Well, where are you, beautiful men! Yeah, here is one, here is the second, third.
And all? Yes, today the choice is small.
But maybe someone else will do

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Throwing a bag on the lounger in the middle of the row, I looked around.
I have already noticed and furtively watched.
From under the glasses.
As I.
I stretched, untied the belt on the dress and pulled it over my head.
Turned a couple of times, let them consider well.
She took a pareo from her bag and tied it on her hips.
She sat down on the couch, pulled out a book from her bag.
Men quietly began to turn away.
Everyone did their own thing.
Yeah, now is the time.
I untied the swimsuit ribbons around my neck, laid my hands behind my back, untied one more bundle and that’s it – I’m topless.
I again chained my views.
It’s only the beginning.

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I took out a brown bottle of sunblock cream and twisted the cork.
I poured some cream on my fingers, put the bottle between my legs, took the second hand with the fingers of the second one and began to rub it in my nipples.
Several circular movements, so-like, touched the swelling peas, pinch them a little.
Great! Several men rolled over on his stomach.
Best praise to my actions! Satisfied with the impression I made, I scooped up more cream and put it on my shoulders, back, where I got it, belly, chest and legs.
I knelt on a lounger and rubbed the cream under the pareo in the buttocks and thighs.
A few more guys turned over on his stomach.
Well, enough to scoff.
Moreover, it was inconvenient to kneel on a lounger, he sprung and sagged.
I lay on my back and pretended to be reading.
The movements of the male half of the beach around me resembled the concentric circles of sharks during a shipwreck.
The guys seemed to be passing by, trying to get closer; who sneaked who insolently looked at my breasts sticking up to the sky.
Well, who is the first to dare to come and speak? The first who dared was a beach worker.
Having received a twenty from me in the form of payment for a lounger, he tore off a receipt, stood for a couple more minutes and with a sigh retired.
Next I had to wait about five minutes.
A young man appeared on the beach, looked around, noticed me and walked in my direction.
He did not dare to lie down on the next lounger, there were a lot of empty seats.
Having settled down in my row, but through one tapchan, he began to undress.
In turn, pretending to read, I considered.
A pleasant face, glasses are not the most expensive, but from the last collection, a muscular physique, if there are extra kilograms, then in the right places.
Melting hid the farm impressive size.
The beach worker decided to take advantage of another opportunity to stare at me and jumped up to take a fee from the newcomer.
While the settlement was taking place, the change was given, a coin falling on the sand was rising, I decided not to lose the moment and try to plunge.
I did not dare to go into the water without top.
Quickly putting on and tying a swimsuit, I went to the water.
It was hot, the sea was also warm, but the foolish excitement made it impossible to go deeper.
After taking a couple of steps, I was hit by a foamy wave, lost my balance, flopped, drank salt water, and sat waiting for the sea to move.
I decided to postpone my feat of the first swim of the season, and when the waters subsided, I got up and went back to my place. Amateur cam to cam sex.

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