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I looked at the mirror on the side, and was even more excited by what I saw there.
Young long-haired slut in stockings and a short dress and hands tied, sucked a member of a big man, who with might and main fucked her with his fingers.
Sergei groaned with pleasure, then abruptly pulled out a member, and ordered to sit on it.

I moved closer to Sergey, spread her legs.
My boyfriend took his penis with his hand, the other held me by the thigh.
I began to slowly sit on his dick, but he entered with difficulty, despite the fact that my hole was well developed with my fingers.
Anal ring resiliently wrapped the head and penis with difficulty, but entered into me.
I moaned with pleasure, like my man.
The member went deeper, it hurt.
I tried to stop and take a break, but I could not, as Sergey firmly held me by the ass and put it on me.
I screamed in pain, but he didn’t care, he went deeper and deeper.
After a couple of seconds, I completely sat on it.
It hurt, but I could not help it! – Come on, Anya, jump on it.
I hardly began to rise, Sergey helped me with his hands, and did not let me completely jump off his giant dick.

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There was a feeling that in my ass he had increased tenfold.
“Too slow, slut!” With these words, he lifted me up and threw me on my back, without taking my cock out of me, threw my legs over my shoulders and began to get coarser into me, pushing me into bed.
“Ahhh, Sergey, please, not so much! He just smiled and continued to drill me with his dick.
He dug into my legs, wrapped in stockings, with his hot lips, he moaned and continued to hammer at me more and more.
I groaned and squealed, wriggling under him, trying to free my poor hole for a second.
But I did not succeed, Sergey was very strong, he held me tight.
He sometimes stopped, and took out the member only half, to spit on him and fuck me further.
In the meantime, my segment has completely fallen down and only dangled in time with the movements.
I closed my eyes and moaned louder, I just could not help but moan, I felt pain mixed with pleasure from anal sex, and moral pleasure from the fact that this large male fucks me so rudely in such sexy lingerie.
I tried to relax my ass as much as possible, but if I honestly could not even strain it, since it was very stretched.
Sergey fucked me very rudely, slapped me on the pope.
I screamed harder and harder.
Then he stopped and pulled off one stocking.
“You are shouting too loudly, bitch!” With these words, he put

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my stocking in my mouth.
Now I could only moo.
After some time, he finally stuck out his penis and ordered him to roll over.
I spat out the stocking and with tears in my eyes begged him: – Seryozha, please, no more in the ass! – Shut up, whore, come on, put your hole. Best naked cams.

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