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The bullet happily jumped behind, I was taken aback by such a jerk behind.
On the platform of the second floor, the aunt lingered for a second, changed her hand, and continued climbing.
I, hurrying after, almost stumbled over a dog.

The bullet took some trace on the stairs.
Looking down, I saw dark, wet spots, sprinkled steps in a chain.
Then the spots disappeared.
Apparently being on the move, Tatyana missed the next urge, only five steps later she regained control.
With difficulty I caught a relative at the door.
Tatyana danced, hissed through his teeth and took off her cloak.
– Slavik, my dear, quickly open! – moaning aunt.
She finally lost control of the bubble.
Leaning down, Tanya wiped the wet path from the kapron stocking, another trickle could be seen finding a hole, a few drops fell on the tiled floor.
– Quickly open! I can not help it! Easy to say quickly.
On the run, you will not get the keys out of your pants, and here still standing up member pulled on his skinny jeans.
Finally, two locks cranked – the door opened.
She, putting a raincoat in my hands, ran down the corridor.
In our apartment the toilet is located opposite the entrance door, on the opposite side of the apartment.
It is hard for her to run on his heels, putting his hand between her legs and at the same time trying to prevent leaked drops from falling into new shoes.

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The bullet, pushing through everyone, also rushed into the kitchen to its trough.
She did not expect such a betrayal; she fell on all fours from the knee jolt, slipping on the linoleum.
– Nooo! – a hissing sound joined the screams of the woman.
Unrestrained urine flowed into the laundry.
She barely

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managed to loosen the pressure, she jerked to her feet, pulled up the hem, trying to save at least a dress.
My eyes opened quickly darkening red panties.
Apparently the fabric did not let in moisture well, the pants were soaked with urine.
So in a raskoryaku, with a raised dress, she got to the toilet.
She banged on the door and, without turning, stood over the toilet.
Tanka tried to pull off the tights, but they were stretched to the breasts and clamped by the dress.
The fight with lacing took too many seconds.
At this time, the panties overflowed with urine and stopped holding her, trickles flowed down the thighs into shoes and then onto the floor, part of the flow fell into the toilet.
Tatiana did not close the door, she simply forgot about my presence, desperately struggling with the dress, pulling tights and pulling them off to her knees.
Standing in the corridor, I could see the sparkling moisture of the pantyhose, droplets on the inside of her strong legs and sticky black vegetation.
When she managed to pull the panties down, urine, oozing with a small stream, with a loud hissing sound broke out.
The jet hit the panties with force and splashed like a fan in all directions, filling the floor and the toilet seat.
Aunt tried to sit astride the toilet, but bound by the knees refused such an attempt, she could only pull the pants forward and send the jet into the jerk.
When the power of the pouring flow fell, Tanya quickly turned around and plopped her ass on the toilet.
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