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I unfastened it and helped me up.
She stood on her feet with difficulty.
– In which area to take you? Her eyes for the first time in the last hour gained meaningfulness.

It seems that she herself did not believe that everything was over for her.
She called the subway station, located on the other side of the city, and I sighed with relief – judging by this, she lived far away.

But the main problem was how to get her out of the house without attracting anyone’s attention.
Despite the late hour, I did not want to risk.
“Forgive me, honey,” I said, and delivered a strong, calculated blow to her jaw.
Her teeth gritted loudly, and she, rolling her eyes, fell on the carpet.
“There was no other way out,” I said guiltily, and went out into the corridor for a huge tourist bag.
Having fixed the girl in the fetal position, I did not effortlessly drag her to the exit, then spent some time in front of the door, inspecting the neighborhood.
The snow continued to go, completely destroying our traces with it, leading from the garage to the house.

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I took off the mask, again adjusted the car closer to the entrance and brought the bag to the salon, putting it in the back seat.
Then he locked the house and got behind the wheel.
I didn’t want to circle around the city and there wasn’t much point, and I just drove the car to the ring road, intending to make a big arc and drive to the station indicated to it from the other side.
Along the way, I thought about how to get rid of my unexpected guest without any witnesses.
Despite the deep night, there were a lot of cars on the highway.
Nothing good came to mind, and then Lena came to herself and began to moan loudly.
– Shut up! – I snapped at the whole salon and slowed down just in case.
It lacked only that the police stopped me.
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