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And on the first date we have to flirt, exchange compliments, but not swear.
I was touched by a gloved hand.
I shrank from fear and humiliation – my body, to which I allowed only after long and beautiful courtship, was now unceremoniously examined.

With stroking movements, the man walked over my shoulders, ran his fingers along the spine, stroked his ass: – I have, for example, many compliments for you.
You are incomparably stacked, the image of your angelic face wants to be absorbed and absorbed.
You have sensual lips and elastic chest (my balls were squeezed so that I almost squealed).
It is a pity that such a fantastic appearance went to such a bitch.
I silently swallowed an insult, having given myself the word – by all means, I will find a git later.
But so far I had to dutifully listen to a stranger, not even trying to prevent him from completely shameless intentions.

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I shrank and, having bitten a sponge, tightly closed my eyes when the glove touched my petals, probably now shamelessly considered by a stranger.
And then I felt a finger slipping inside.
But what could I do? I was even afraid to breathe deeply, but they continued to investigate me, and so deep that my knuckles dug into my defenseless petals.
– Alas, Victoria Igorevna, I am very distressed – my beloved woman does not flow from my presence alone.
Let this and only the first date.
– What can I do? – I murmured, fearing punishment.
“It’s very simple,” the rapist was already standing in front of me, showing off a glove and, however, absolutely not soiled by my discharge.
– I would be very pleased if my beloved woman came from my presence alone, even without intercourse with me.
– So what?

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Sex will not be? – my heart is delighted fluttered – let him torment, let him squeeze, but at least not raped.
And there I’ll figure out the freaks! ”“ Well, Viktoria, you are not a whore – give on the first date! I will only hope for something on the second date – although you are not a whore, but a progressive and relaxed woman.
– Are you sure that the second date will be? – I could not resist and shrank, cursing myself for a long tongue – what if the bastard didn’t like my words? But nothing happened.
– Of course it will be.
After all, you were not going to the first in general.
– And how can I finish?
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