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She involuntarily peered at the embossed chest of her tormentor, at his taut, like twisted ropes, muscles, at the naughty scars, at the sly smile.
Drauk took it sharply and painfully.
A moment and now she is a woman, only a thin sob and doom in her eyes.

The princess was scared.
Here it is – a shame! An unmarried maid lost her innocence under the enemy of her family.

The princess was hurt.
Drauk came out of her, giving time to calm down.
Squeezed his chest, bit his lips.
The princess was disgusted.
But Drauk continued to push, and they again merged into one, he moved inside her, tempted with his lips, caressed with his hands, pressed under himself, threw from side to side, forcing him to change poses and positions.
The princess was hot.
New feelings captured her, made her forget where she was and with whom, carried away, eclipsed her mind.
The princess was.
OK! So good that she screamed, wrapping her partner around her legs, feeling ashamed of her scream and clutching her teeth in the prince’s shoulder.

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Lien lost track of time, spent all her strength, while Drauk took her time after time.
“Oh Gods! – flashed through the princess’s head, before she fell asleep with her legs apart right under the prince.
Lien tried to get up, but found that Drau’s strong hand was pressing her to the bed.
– Your Highness, have you already woken up? – Prince lazily yawned, stroking the girl on the thigh.
– How are you feeling? “Awful,” the princess burst out.
– The head hurts and.
there, too, hurts.
“Well, the head is a hangover,” Drauc reasoned soberly.
– But.
I’m afraid it was inevitable, for the first time it can be painful, I hope I managed to brighten it up a little for you.
Lien has already begun to invent a joke in response, but then her eyes fell on the bed.
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