Bongacams donadear.

Bongacams donadear. Wait until the end of the casting.
Here all zagaldeli.
– Let’s merge in ecstasy! – No, wait until the evening.
– No, let’s merge, I’m already unbearable, someone wants to blow.

The last sentence says the second member, raising the hem of the sixth member and pulling off her pants.
– Wait! Wait a minute! Do not take off my pants! And lower the hem down.

Everything would blow you! It is necessary to hold a casting, and then, somewhere in the evening: Blow: – Yes, yes! Put on her pants, from the air conditioner blows hard, the lady can catch a cold.
By the way, the lady, after you yourself several times removed the underwear, began to enjoy success.
Look, now they feed off you: It’s a compliment, ha ha ha! Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, distracted.
Let’s continue the casting, before dinner is still far, I would only drink that low-alcohol thread.
– Well, it can.
Cocktails in the studio! Make cocktails.
– No, after all the glorious project we fouled here, ladies and gentlemen.
– Yes, what voices! How many spontaneity in them, in these voices from the gateway.
– They are poorly placed, these voices, but this is all the buzz.
– What is the freshness of feelings, the power of first love! – So I would have embraced them all, kissed and left:! – Especially this boy from the duet, he has so much jokes through his pants.

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“Well, okay, ladies and gentlemen, we call the following: The camera switches.”
The fitness instructor, already without a bra, in shorts and slightly sweaty, is led by the hands of the last duet in the gym.
The camera follows them.
Instructors: – Clockwork you have a song, my young friends.
She got me a lot.
Before practicing vocals should warm up.
Get undressed.
– So with vocals.
Why undress? – So it is necessary.
Yes, all shoot, all underwear, too.
Bongacams donadear.

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