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Only one “but.”
– You Can’t See Them.
– Right.

Or if I see, it is only in the monitor.
Imagine: young, nineteen years old, fresh, like a loaf of piping hot.
Riding on a swing.
There is music in the ears, and music inside, and in the whole body, and in the whole world.
Rides, looks at the sky, cheeks like grenades.
from wind and music.
– So what? – Nothing.
I’ll tell you one story.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.
There was nothing special about her: she usually dressed, she didn’t stick her boobs, the pigtail grew out of her head.
Except for two things: first, she is impossibly beautiful.
Up whining.
She has such a face that you don’t need any lipstick or all these fucking shades.
Well, and secondly, she is so obsessed with travels and travels, on all distant and close lands, so she knows geography, history and other sciences, that it is not clear where so much knowledge comes from in such a beautiful head.
Introduced? Now imagine that you never saw her – only a photo.
And that you communicate so closely that she once appeared for you naked, so that you objectively, as a man, praised her figure, and you, objectively, as a man, checked it out, and you talked about her boobs and hips for several days as if they were ordinary things

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in the world.
And you jerked off behind the computer, like zadrot, and you knew that she, too, was jerking off, although she didn’t talk about it.
You met by chance, and after a couple of weeks you didn’t take it out of the net, you scored for work, for friends, for football, and you know that it’s all the same.
And then this is what happens.
To one cool and, mind you, relatively not old director lead our princess: – Take her to his office.
“No,” says the cool director, “have you forgotten that I never take girls, let alone dropouts?” The girl and tourism are two incompatible things.

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Tourism is a male occupation, and let the girl embroider a cross.
“But, mister cool director,” they say to him, “that’s how it is, but this girl has one indisputable advantage: her dad is a sponsor of our university, and our university is friends with your office.
– Especially, – screams a cool director, – art is not for sale! – So it is so, but at least listen to her.
– I will not even waste time! Mollify him, mollify.
have broken.
Such a honey with pigtails enters, with a bow — she guessed to get dressed, wonder-yudo.
“What a sweetheart with a bow,” says the director.
– What will you tell us? How does the Volga flow into the Pacific Ocean? She opens her mouth and blinks so many clever words that the director’s jaw drops.
When he picks it up, he says: “Only, so that life does not spoil this rare talent, and not at all for her dad, I make an exception and take her to my office.
So she turns out to be with him – the only girl among the damn heap of boys, a tailcat and an uncle.
A week goes by and the director scores on them all for the sake of a sweetheart with a bow.
Uncles at first glue it in black, and she is shy, does not know how to be, and everything throws out to you.
You share your experience, you say that you don’t waste your time, keep them in strictness, then they will love you more.
Well, whether she went too far, or the director forgot about them completely, but very soon they became jealous of her and began to spread rot.
Stebut her, bad things say, all sorts of hints vulgar.
What to do – the team.
And the director, as if it were a sin, even though she is sitting with her, enlightens – and everything gnaws at her because she is not a boy.
“This is not for you ladies snot, bows in tears,” she tells her almost every other time.
She, naturally, cries – not with him, herself.
– He just plays with you in this game.
This is such a pedagogical device, you say to her.
– If he thought so, he would not have hung over you, as if he were a king.
– No, he thinks I’m a slacker.
He thinks that all women are flawed.
“Is he just blue?” “No, he really thinks so,” she roars, and you console her again and again instead of supping, sleeping and working.
Soon her whole life – and, accordingly, yours too – becomes the name of a sexist director.
She speaks and thinks only about him – and you, respectively, also.
And the farther, the sexist.
He commissioned her to climb sewers, underground passages and catacombs, in order to develop masculinity in her, and devoured all the nerves with bows. Camera free sex phpbb group.

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