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Olga stood up on all fours in front of Roman with gusto sucked his dick.
He hardly fit in her mouth, but she continued to swallow him, sliding up and down.
Suddenly she released Romin’s cock from her mouth and turned to me and said.

-Well, Sash, join? Unable to say a word, I nodded silently.
Olya greedily stuck her mouth to my languishing member.
Her plump lips clasped my head and I felt how hot and humid it was in her mouth.
Olin’s tongue so carefully and gently caressed the head of my penis, and her lips so smoothly and quickly slid along the trunk that I went crazy.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Roman was attached to Olya’s pussy and eagerly licked her.
Olenka bent and sighed deeply every time Roma guided her tongue through her wet crevice.
She swallowed up my cock with more and more greed.

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I went crazy with pleasure.
The world swam before my eyes.
Suddenly, I felt a huge, warm wave sweeping through my body.
I finished.
Finished right in the mouth Olenka.
She opened her mouth eagerly to swallow jets of hot, thick sperm ejected from my penis.
apparently it was very exciting for her and after a moment Olja also began to shake from a powerful orgasm.
her naked body, filled with sperm, was convulsed, and from the mouth came the hollow moans.
Exhausted, Olya and I collapsed on the bedspread.
But Roman had not finished yet and he wanted to continue.
He came to us and knelt down so that his huge, protruding member was right in front of our faces.
Roma took Olya by the head, lifted her and literally stuck his dick into her mouth filled with my sperm.
Olya did not resist, but it was evident that she was slightly tired.

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But Romana was not embarrassed, and he continued to drive his handsome man into the Olin mouth.
Looking at this, I remembered the picture that I saw on the way to the beach.
And then Roman loosened his hand and Olin’s head fell helplessly on the cover and a member jumped out of her mouth and recoiled, was right in front of my face.
And then I decided.
I raised myself and clasped Roma by the buttocks, and opened his mouth wide.
Roman first was taken aback, but did not take away my treasure from me and I began to suck his dick.
It was such a new and wonderful feeling! His huge, hot cock filled my whole mouth, my tongue licked a smooth, swollen head.
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