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I like you.
– I blushed deeply.
After all, I wanted to show my confidence in intentions.

And only because of.
– He did not allow him to agree to realize his desire to confess to him.
I love you! – said at your own risk.
Be that as it may, he will send it that way, but he wanted so much to stay and this hope made him take steps up the stairs to meet him.
He went to meet me, which caused me simply a surge of confidence, and climbed the stairs, not allowing me to go down to his bottom.
Passed, taking me to the landing between the floors and we sat on the windowsill.
I noticed you for a long time and I like you too, but we are very different.
– he began and I cut him off.
Why? – I felt hurt because it could not be the result of my efforts.
Well, you live a normal life, and as you say, I run away all the time.
– he picked up his words, and I thought that it was he who was driving me off.
Thoughts are stupid, but so thought.
I had to dress up brighter, I thought.
Shorter skirt.
Came in like a gray mouse.
He left in his conversation to talk about the weather.
Do you have a girlfriend? – I interrupted him once again, having decided that we should immediately put everything in its place, which would not be very offensive.
In the sense that you think, no.
– replied, not looking into my eyes, and I thought that it was about the bitch that dynamite him.
But she’s just dynamite and that’s it.
– Said, hoping that we understood what was going on.
No, she is not dynamite.
– he spoke again, taking

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the conversation just to the discussion of parties, where we met and where she was.
I listened and thought that she was guilty of this, and I need to do something concrete in relation to him.
Slowly I got down from the window-sill, walked over to it in front while he enthusiastically spoke about our boozing, quickly putting her hands on his shoulders, kissed and hugged.

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He relaxed and went to the meeting.
His counter kiss was frank, his lips eagerly clasped my and tongue stuck in my mouth.
Passion was like they say on the face.
I passionately sucked his tongue, caressed.
I wanted to make him understand that another time it would be his member, which I caress, showing my love for him, allowing him to finish, what else a guy at our age needs, I thought, but he began to stop me: What are you doin
– He said, looking up from my lips.
What she does not.
– I felt my victory.
She is not my girlfriend.
Although you just do not know everything.
– he fussed tearing my hands off me.
What I do not know? – offensively I asked.
– She is dynamite you can see it.
Do you need her? Can not answer.
We are just different.
– and he quickly looking up from me, without saying anything more, went down the stairs, slamming two ryh behind him and leaving me alone.
I was shocked by what happened.
That bitch, I thought about this bitch.
Well, to hell with it.
Let him walk in front of her.
Thoughts were simple – maybe she gives better, but I do not fucking.
But thoughts of him did not give rest as she walked home.
They tormented me sincerely.
My love remained unfulfilled and went nowhere.
Love whether she is not okay.
Forget everything, I thought when I went to bed.
Tossing and turning in the crib, I wanted to turn this scene over and over again, so that next to it was a treacherous bitch.
Here she would know exactly what I would have been able at this moment.
Probably would not stand on ceremony with her then.
And he, how would he react to my actions? Suddenly I would not approve and then I will definitely lose him forever.
The dream did not want to come to me, but I understood that I would achieve my goal and precisely recognize his reaction.
This bitch I still have a dance -.
I thought falling asleep.
This thought gave me strength.
Brad of some kind and how to get out of my head everything that happened yesterday.
Admit defeat or just spit on everything or.
Thinking what to do such that he paid attention to me.
After going through the wardrobe, I chose everything minimal and tight, with the thought that I was not a gray mouse, as he could have thought and seen.
Wriggling in front of the mirror to dizziness, she sat down thinking that I would come to him again tonight.
I will seek.
Now I know where he lives and where he will go from me.
With these thoughts, she decided to embark on all grave and crawled into her secret from her parents, pulling out a condom. Elizabeth bongacams private.

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