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Larisa, the daughter of a high-ranking police officer, was held hostage by militants of the Chechen-Eurasian National Defense Organization, the Chechen Liberation Army.
They handcuffed her to the granary lock, hanging a small plank over her head, which barely covered her head from the rain.
Lara’s father served in Chechnya since the 98th year.

Since then, she went to see him a couple of times, but then she couldn’t even think about what could happen to her! The convoy accompanying the chief’s daughter to the village of Ahtynkay-yuly near Gudermes was stopped by an explosive controlled bomb, the riot policemen accompanying Lara were disarmed, some were killed, and the girl herself was shoved into the taxi driver and drove off somewhere: Ramen was supposed to come.
Larissa did not know who it was, but she guessed that this was a rather significant person among the militants, watching the faces of extremists during their conversations about Ramen.
Lara studied at Moscow State University, at the most prestigious department of international relations.
There they were taught to determine the condition of a person by the expression of his face.
Larisa always tried not to breathe often, because the smell was unbearable.
After all, she had already gone for two days “by herself”, “it’s good that I didn’t want to shit,” thought the girl.
She asked her warden to let her go to a normal toilet, but he only shook his head and eagerly examined Lara’s body.
She was generally surprised how a Chechen has not yet taken advantage of her helplessness.

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Apparently, they were strictly forbidden to touch her.
If only her father quickly rescued her: And my father, meanwhile, tore and threw.
He was informed about the abduction of his daughter just as a pretty Chechen girl was giving him a blowjob.
He yelled at everyone, for some reason he sent patrols to Gudermes.
The terrorists called him in the evening and said that they would let his daughter go if he removed the roadblocks in the city.
But he knew that it was impossible – treason.
He tried to say it to the callers, but they only grumbled in response, noting that they would otherwise send the cassette with footage of violence and the killing of his daughter to the general.
The old warrior sat down at the table, clasping his head with his hands and began to think.
But what could

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you think of in such a situation?
Chapter 2 Lara woke up from the bright light of the lantern, which shone directly in the eyes.
“We’ll go with the nama, Ramen said, he would bludgeon with taboo:”, in terrible Russian, someone said the phrase, Lara could not make out because of the lantern.
She obediently rose and trudged to the house.
They shoved her in the door and told her to sit down.
She sat on the floor.
A minute later, the bearded man came in and invited her into the room.
At the same time he removed her handcuffs, easing the state of Larissa.
The girl entered the room.
At the table sat a handsome man of about 35.
Next to him were two bearded Chechens and one person who looked much like an Arab.
“Sit down, don’t stand!”, The man suggested politely, apparently Ramen.
Lara obediently sat on the proposed chair.
“I think you know why you are here?” Asked Ramen.
Larisa shook her head; she really didn’t know the exact cause and purpose of the militants.
“Okay,” answered Ramen, “I’ll tell you:” He got up from the table and walked over to Larisa.
“Your father had to remove the posts in Gudermes in order to save you.
But he did not, and apparently does not intend to.
“He pulled a long army knife from his scabbard.
“Therefore,” he said ominously, “we will kill you!” Larisa was in prostration.
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