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My relatives were distant, to my mother she was a second cousin there-taram-tara sister, well, and I, respectively, there-taram-tarah aunt.
For simplicity, since it was no opportunity for me to learn a pedigree, I just called her aunt.
Aunt was three years older than me, but at the age of seventeen she looked like a young woman.

She was born in the Donetsk region, from a small mining village.
Clean air and a mixture of blood of two nations gave her an excellent healthy body.
But the deep province did not allow cunning and resourcefulness to develop in it.
Tanya, that was her name, was beautiful, figure skater, kind and ingenuous.
Our far from capital city, built simultaneously with the aircraft factory, was the limit of her dreams: high houses, crowds of hurrying people, the flow of cars – all this made her thrill and scarecrow.
Two summer months flew by amazingly.
We made a great tandem.
I knew the city perfectly, but a teenager without adults was forbidden to go far.
Tanya was just an adult, but did not know the city life.
Every morning the two of us disappeared from the house, went to concerts, visited all the shops, walked around the museums and the main streets.
Probably, we imagined an amusing couple walking along the sidewalk – a freaking maiden near a frail teenager.

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Although we were equal in height, I was half the width of my aunt.
Needless to say, I found a friend and relative in Tatiana who was close in age and development.
She allowed me everything from which the parents of “Kondraty” would suffice.
At the concert, we calmly drank beer, wrapped the bottle in the newspaper.
We were very amused that it did not occur to anyone that the boy and the girl can safely drink beer, and not lemonade.
With each sip it became all the more fun, returning home we argued, emptied a couple of bottles for speed, naturally a critical moment came in the transport.
– Oh, Slavik, do not make me laugh – aunt prayed.
– What’s the matter? “I got drunk beer, now I’m sick,” she replied, holding her stomach.
Poor Tanya, unlike the city girls, she could not admit that she madly wants to use the toilet.
On the way from the bus stop to the apartment, she froze several times in a half-step.
Then she continued to move, already thrusting her hand into the pocket of her jacket.
At the entrance she felt very bad, while waiting for the elevator, the aunt did not stand still for a second.
Seeing my interested eyes, she froze a little – taking control of the bladder, and then headed for the stairs.
– Let’s go, so we will not wait until morning.
Having risen to my fourth floor, I took out the keys – it was quite late, my parents were sleeping.
In the hallway, taking advantage of the fact that the sneakers throw off much faster shoes, I rushed to the toilet first.
The beer was drunk equally.
“Slavik, it’s not fair,” Tatyana hissed after me, trying not to wake the relatives.
– Well, be a man, Oh-and-and-and-and! – she squealed.
I turned around: my aunt was bent over in half, the jacket was lying under her feet

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, and her hand was tucked under her skirt.
– Let go.
Oh please!!! I stepped away from the toilet door. Free sex cam roulette.

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