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, Sveta moaned.
Her body curved, her eyes closed.
– Oh my God! Vitya-ya-yayaya! – her body clenched under a scream.

– Finished! – I thought.
If I did not hold her, she would have fallen.
Her body went limp, her eyes rolled up, and she fell on me.
I transferred it to the bed, and covered it with a sheet.
Sveta was off for about 10 minutes.
Then she slowly opened her eyes.
– God Vitya! What have you done to me? She asked.
– You just experienced an orgasm! – I answered and kissed her on the lips.
– It was wonderful! – she pretty stretched.
– Give me something to wear! I gave her clothes, and wet things put to dry on the heater.
Then we drank hot tea.
Then we fell asleep on the bed, overcame the bathroom, alcohol and hot tea.
Woke up in the evening.
Sveta was hugging me by the neck.
And it made us very close.
Of course, I knew about sex, but at that moment I was thinking about something else, that I was just very good with this girl.
Then she hurriedly ran home, good-bye, smacking my cheek.
And saying that now we will meet.
The next morning.
The next day, racketeers were waiting for me near the school.
They figured me out by Svetka, already wrote that she was the only blonde.
And since she was with me, they came to me.
– Hey boy! Let’s go There is a topic! It is necessary to grind! – one of them came up to me.
I did not balk.
– Well, let’s go.
Once we moved away, they grabbed me by the collar.
– What are you kid? Swelling chtol? What the dick racherachil wheelbarrow and dumped? BUT? – Why did you spray us with water? – That’s it! You are in trouble! – and the tall man swung – Stop Tyama! I seem to know this kid! – said one of them.
– You are not the case Corporal brother? – Well, yes, Kapralov Dima is my older brother.

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– Oops! And what to do? Corporal in Respect! Normal kid! – Tyama confused.
– Call Corporal! Let him come! We ramtsy to breed.
Soon my brother arrived and in 10 minutes agreed on everything.
And these guys are behind me.
After this incident, they started to respect me at school.
And Sveta walked with me under the arm.
At every opportunity, we dealt with oral sex.
Sveta learned to do awesome blowjob.
But before the full sex business did not go.
The firefly kept its virginity.
Then her parents moved to another city again.
Then I did not go to college and went to serve in the army.
In those days there was no internet.
Mail worked very badly.
And our connection is lost.
And now we have met again.
To be continued
– Well, just shove everything.
Do not worry, it fit.
Some men have dicks like your pen.
Shove it up.
– And what, they thrust you their dicks there? – I asked, thrusting the hand of Nina in her pussy.
– Of course, Zaya.
Many wanted to shove his dick in my pussy.
And I almost always did not mind.
This is very nice.
Well done, Zaya.
How is your hand? – Good.
– Feel everywhere soft there, and the deeper of all such a hard round wheel? – Aha.
– This is the uterus.
That’s where we get male sperm or seed.
No, wait, don’t pull your hand out of your pussy.
Come on, I’ll tell you everything, and while you move my pen in my pussy.
Here’s the one.
Young man.
You can squeeze your fingers into a cam, and then it will absolutely look like a male dick.
Here’s the one.
What a fine fellow you are.
So quickly you grab everything.
How good are you fucking me! – How?! I already fuck you? !!! – Of course, Zaya.
You can fuck and in different ways, for example, in the pussy, in the mouth, in the ass, in the chest.
– How is it? There are no holes? – But there is a hollow, and you can fuck between the breasts.
– And I do not have.
– Nothing will appear.
In the meantime, you have other places – mouth, ass and pussy.
Don’t knock me down.
Take care of my pussy better, and then your little one’s mouth opened, and fuck me.
Forget it.
So, you can fuck, as I said, in different places.
And yet, you can fuck with different items.
For example, dick, tongue, like me, hand, like you me, special rubber dick.
Yes, anything.
Even a snake, for example.
And the third.
You can fuck with different.
For example, with a man, with a woman, with a boy or girl.
And in different combinations.
For example, a man with a woman, a man with a man.
Do you understand how a man can fuck with a man? – Aha.
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