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My back felt only the fluffiness of Lizonkin’s back.
We arranged for the earthly women to sleep and fell asleep themselves.
I woke up at dawn from the roar of the engine.

A small boat with drunk guys entered our cove: – Hey, buddy, share the girls! “Swim past, green face,” I replied politely.
– Our argument is longer than yours! – one of them sent an army machine gun at me.
I connected the two wiring inside the boat, it exploded.
The temporal screen has covered us from the blast wave and debris.
– Mark, you’re a monster! I poured hot bullets into my palm that hit me before the explosion: “The local golden youth developed themselves! In the reserve, I have every right to protection from unprovoked aggression! Microprobes dotted our neighborhood.
I showed Lenochka what was happening on the shore this night.
Woman nearly vomited.
“We cannot intervene,” Lisa whispered sadly, “the reserve is a reserve, even your very stupid leaders settled nuclear crises themselves.”
Sleep has failed.
Chapter 6
An unbearable smell of burning appeared after the explosion of the boat.
But it did not matter.
We found ourselves inside a flying saucer and slowly climbed over the lake.
“Just don’t get scared,” I whispered to the earthly women, “we need to leave Earth for a while.”
Enjoy the flight.
You are now a real space program.
I hugged Tanya tightly, Lena also snuggled.
The dugouts were fascinated by the most beautiful sight at the start of the spacecraft from the Earth, I and Lizonka too.
At such low speeds we never flew.
When the Earth turned into a white and blue disk with distinct outlines of continents, Lena came to her senses and looked at her watch: “Mark, but I have to go to work!” “Helen,” I replied sadly, “it’s better not to think about work!” In a few days for the Earth may come the end of the world.

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Why do you need to go to work? We have many other problems.
We must protect the reserve from the imperial artifacts! “Mark, how did we end up in space?” Genie and Gina have nothing to do with it! – I was amazed how clever the girl turned out to be the mother of my unborn child.
“Our computers were loaded with hyperspace orientation programs up to the interstellar level.
You are now not only women, but also flying saucers, – smiled Lizonka.
“Me, too, Mark.”
Four computers are training now.
Such a slow flight is a challenge for them.
Just do not worry, rarely, who among the inhabitants of the Galaxy has the opportunity to fly between the stars on their own.
– Mark, why is Liza not jealous of me at all? – suddenly asked Tanya, – I already know how to feel emotions on the web.
“Have you fully adapted to life in the galaxy?” – Yes! – proudly answered Tanya.
“I’ll die in a few years, Mark knows when.”
Before dying, I have time to give birth to a girl.
We hope that you will become a good stepmother, and Lena a grandmother.
Grandmothers in fluffies are incredibly rare! Tanya stared at Lisa in amazement, tears on her eyelashes appeared and hugged the fluffy girl.
– Mark, is it harmful for a pregnant girl to fly in space? – scared Lena.
– Do not worry, in an hour we will return to Earth.
“We have protection from radiation,” Lizonka laughed. “Few humanoids manage to fly a day after conception.
I hope to become a good aunt Tanina baby! Do not be afraid, now interstellar flight will begin.
Our computers need to train! The starry sky has remained almost the same, only the sun has disappeared.
Some stars began to move slowly.
Lot suddenly whispered on the web: “Guys, you just do not oshaleyte! I will appear in a new guise!”.
She radiated incredible joy.
But we were completely stunned when Lot was near us.
She was no longer a scarecrow! Now she looked like a terribly thin, earthly woman

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of three meters height with six small breasts in one row.
– Let’s play a long feedback! she almost screamed.
– You still have nothing to do, the island is not quite prepared.
– What is another island? – Tanya asked mom sadly.
“Djinn rented an island from a multi-billionaire, he will soon be freed from serving earthlings,” answered Anuta, who appeared from the Network.
– A Lot we have a fool.
Pregnant women cannot play long feedback.
She is also pregnant with us, one of the tadpoles entrusted her embryos to her.
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