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She entered his address and a small accompanying text.
Now I don’t remember literally, but something like, “Sir, your obedient slave has fulfilled your first order and is ready for new trials.”
Again, an incredible excitement flooded me, and I involuntarily began frantically pulling and pulling my sex lips and clitoris.

The clitoris poured blood and became more and more sensitive.
I was so excited that I started shoving the fingers of my second hand into my pussy.
I first loaded two, and then three fingers, and began to penetrate as deeply as possible into my hole.
I was all flowing, my head was not thinking, and I do not even remember whether I was screaming or not.
This insane leap through erogenous zones lasted about ten minutes, after which I finished abundantly and noisily, closing my eyes from unearthly pleasure.
After lying down a bit, I looked at the monitor, it was 10 minutes to 12.
I had the last minutes to think.
At these moments my further fate was decided.
Finally, he tried himself in favor of his desires and clicked on the “send” button.
At this moment, I still did not fully realize that from that moment on I would begin a completely new life, full of sexual adventures.
My dear, I will be very happy to answer any of your questions and give useful tips on how to diversify your life.
It will be especially pleasant for me to communicate with those who have experienced or dream of experiencing something similar.
I will be waiting for your feedback and wishes.
This is only the beginning of my story.
Until new meetings.
Your Angela.

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From surprise, my legs were knocked down and parted.
It felt like ice-cold water, washing away all lust and arousal.
My mind instantly cleared up and brought me back to earth.
All this happened in a few seconds, but they seemed to me a whole eternity.
I stand in the bathroom with cancer, on the floor, completely naked, with cucumbers in all holes, moaning like a whore and all this in front of my own son.
Time stood still, the heart went into its heels, and each movement was given with difficulty, as if in slow motion or water.
My thoughts were spinning in my head about how I could forget to close the bathroom door, what Maxim would think, and why he returned home so early.
He was completely taken aback and clearly did not expect to see me in this form.
He lingered in the doorway for a few seconds, then turned and abruptly closed the door.
I had no words.
I did not know what to say to him.
I turned on the hot shower, so hot that I could barely endure.
The pain at least somehow hammered the thoughts that were seething in my head and the terrible feeling of shame that was eating me from within.
I did not know how I would continue to look in the eyes of my son.
Coming out of the shower, I threw a bathrobe and went to the kitchen.
Max was sitting on a chair, looking at the soccer ball he was holding.
He was only 18, but from childhood he went in for sports (swimming, boxing, and now football) and therefore was very well coordinated for his age.
He was carrying sweat, his hair was disheveled, and he was in the dust.
“Were you not taught to knock before entering?” – I began.
– I.
I did not know that you were at home.
I ran home to leave the ball and take a shower.
He looked at me with a strange look.
And I did not immediately notice that the ball, which he held in his hands, covered the riser.
Some kind of insanity: my son has an erection on me.
– Did you drink? – Not.
– Yes, I smell alcohol from here! – Well, I drank a little.
What’s the big deal? – What is it ?! So.
Let’s forget this evening.
We pretend that it was not.
Good? – Okay.
– Do what you want, and I went to sleep.
I went to my room, feeling

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Maxim’s heavy gaze on my back and this made me uncomfortable.
I could not sleep for a long time.
My thoughts were in my head.
How could I let this happen? Girls getting naked on webcam.

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