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At the beginning of the tenth health care chief, the post was not yet, but his receptionist was already sitting in the waiting room, a sultry brown-haired woman about 23-24 years old in a short skirt.
Bright red lipstick, big blue eyes, slim tanned body and neckline from which chest 3 sizes protruded, which just struck me outright.
In my mind, she perfectly understood the indelible impression made on me and this, apparently, gave her great pleasure.

In a voice that had changed timbre, I somehow told the secretary about the purpose of my visit.
From the invitation to wait at the reception of the chief, as well, I categorically refused to tea, because, as a member of mine, treacherously began to bulge, bursting with lightning to the limit.
The riser did not pass long enough in the corridor.
After some time, looking at all the stands and portraits of the members of the politburo of the Central Committee of the KRSS I was approached by the head of the city health department, who came to work, who kindly invited me to his place, quickly remembered my letter and just as quickly wrote me out to work in polyclinic №1.
Then he thought a little about something and suddenly asked: – Why did you, the doctor, wait for me in the corridor, was my secretary really so inhospitable? – It was somehow uncomfortable.
– not knowing that I began to lie.
– Yes, okay, I understood everything and so – he smiled, – Looks, made an impression, she loves it, you are very excited, and judging by your temperament in our town it will be more than once.
You are cute to me and therefore I will give you advice.

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Do not extinguish, here we have simple morals, if someone unambiguously excites you, then just take her hand and drag somewhere, and having retired in a private setting without any ceremonies bend down.
You are a young, personable guy, one word is a jigit, here they love it, so in 90% of a hundred things will be top.
But if they refuse and actively resist, then do not push and just apologize, you will understand correctly, so that the whole question will be settled.
By the way he said it all, I realized that I could drive to anyone except his secretary.
Who could have known that the advice of my superior would begin in a few hours.
In the meantime, I was heading to the polyclinic №1 at full speed.

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The head physician was incredibly happy to me, which was explained by the terrible lack of narrow specialists in the primary health care system.
So after checking the documents for literally some half an hour I got a job.
Then he discouraged me from settling in the dorm of health workers, offering in exchange for a nominal money just to rent his room.
Given that the hostel was on the outskirts of the city, and the apartment of the head physician in the very center, my choice was predetermined.
After receiving the chief doctor’s car with a driver, I quickly got to the station, took my suitcase and bag, and then just as comfortably got to my new abode.
The entrance to the apartment was from the courtyard, where a small staircase led to the mezzanine.
Having recognized the father’s chauffeur, the door was opened to us by his daughter — a young blonde, a girl of 18, having received information about me, she immediately lost all interest in me and left for her room.
After the door the hallway began, from which there were 3 doors.
One of them led to a huge living room filled with expensive, for those times, Romanian furniture and further to the head physician’s bedroom, the other room belonged to her daughter, and the last door led down to the semi-basement.
Downstairs there was the room of the head doctor’s niece, a kitchen, two bathrooms, one of which was combined with the bathroom.
At the very end of the basement there was a room of 20 squares, where I was settled.
It had 2 half windows, a rather wide bed, a pair of cabinets, a transistor, a table, 2 chairs and a chair. Golden ladies bongacams.

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