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Usually, this is the most difficult part in my studies.
Much can go wrong, and then everything looks ugly.
It was nice to know that he would no longer be able to get away from me.

I knew that he would have left my domain even faster than hurrying here! When it became obvious that for him it would not be the typical “fuck” with a girlfriend student, to whom he was accustomed, he began to whine and scream, asking him to let him out.
I laughed at this evil and told him that he was now my property, and I would do whatever I wanted with him.
“The first thing you will have to learn is that from now on I will use you as a toilet,” I laughed.
“What do you mean?” He asked with horror.
I giggled and replied: “It’s simple.
Whenever I want to pee, or + you will serve me as a toilet bowl. ”
I installed the toilet device on his head and sat in front of him.
Although my slaves were constantly cleaning it, it still remained stained from continuous use.
The device firmly held the head so that the face was pointing up, right in the user’s ass.
On each side of the device there was a handle on which the slave’s wrists were chained.
A slave may be held in such a device for several days in a row.
There was no way out of it.
I secured Beal’s head in the device, chained his wrists, lifted the skirt and sat down with my gorgeous ass on top.
Thinking about the pleasure that I would receive in the next few weeks, I began to urinate, not paying attention to the choking cough and spitting that was heard under me.
After I urinated, I felt the urge in the intestines.
Without warning, I smacked my fingers and began to empty my intestines.
I held back several hours in a row in the morning when I had a good breakfast.
And now it was so nice to be free.
Of course, the knowledge that my feces would fall on Bill’s face complemented my pleasure.
Laughing softly, I thoroughly tense up and ejaculated the remaining impurities.

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When I finished, I got up and looked down at my slave.
My shit covered his face.
“You look great when your mouth is full of shit,” I laughed.
I took out a camera and took some pictures of Bill.
Later I was going to send his photos to the University and show them to his parents.
I was sure that in addition to the physical injuries he had received, he would also leave me with a clouded mind.
I looked at him and laughed again, amazed at the man’s naivety and stupidity.
Only when their mouths are full of shit do they suddenly begin to understand where their place in life is.
Part 2 At night, I turned off the light and left a slave to “boil” in my juices.
I think he will not forget this night soon.
He cannot understand why he is so easily caught! The next morning, I woke up at 7:00, ready for a new beautiful day.
Taming a new toy is always a pleasure.
You observe complete obedience, the absence of objections and no resistance.
New meat is what turns me on.
I like to take from the man what he does not want to give.
That is why I am constantly in search of new victims.
After a light breakfast, having grabbed a newspaper, I sat down on a slave toilet to pour my morning urine.
The slave screamed and whimpered again when the first drops of my morning dew fell on him.
He calmed down as soon as I finished this procedure.

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I lit a cigarette and began to read the mod section.
I felt the urge in the rectum.
The output of the gas was accompanied by a relatively small amount of feces.
Fortunately for the slave, last night, my intestines were almost completely cleared.
I heard the muffled pleas of a slave for mercy as my fresh shit covered his face.
“Slave,” I said.
“Soon you will be faced with the necessity of doing something with what falls and accumulates around you.
It will not disappear by itself.
If you do nothing with it, it will completely close you, and you will suffocate.
If you do not understand what to do with it, I will tell you.
YOU MUST BE THIS IS THIS! “I laughed:” You will remain locked in this device until you complete a full course of study.
The condition for the completion of your training will be the moment when you begin to absorb all my feces and urine as soon as the need arises.
If you are not going to starve while you are in my possession, it will be the only thing you have to eat and drink! “Although I could not see his face at the moment (it was almost all covered by my shit), but I noticed a small depression began to form in the place where his mouth was to be.
I realized with glee that he ate it.
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