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Having seen enough, I tried to stretch both halves

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of her priests even more.
At the same time, I never stopped listening to Olesin’s breathing and its possible involuntary reaction to my insolent penetration.
She continued to breathe evenly and deeply, a little louder than before.

The fact that I allowed myself to crack such a taboo and she could feel and wake up at any moment drove me crazy from a combination of excitement and risk.
Nevertheless, with every passing second, more and more understanding in what kind of blackout she was, I went on boldly and with fanatical diligence to explore her anal zone! He entered first with his tongue and then with his finger – alternating movements, rhythm and intensity.
I noticed that when I pulled my tongue out of the hole and walked them around the anus at the exit, I got such a quiet gurgling sound.
How did he excite me, I repeated this movement over and over again! I have never heard such a sound when licking Olesin’s clit or fucking her in bizarre poses, when the vagina is stretched and makes all kinds of squalling sounds.
Or when she swallowed my cock deep down her throat, making guttural sounds choking on the head of the penis and her saliva.
No, I would never have heard such a sound before; it was a unique sound of a licking anal hole !! Gradually, I lost this sweet feeling of being caught off guard – it was replaced by an animalistic, primitive beginning – I began to pull Olesina’s buttocks more rudely, lift her bent leg, squeeze both halves of her excellent priests.
Having lost almost every control, I rather abruptly inserted my right thumb and began to fuck Olesin’s ass.
It turned out that the rest of the fingers on the hand remained on the side, on top of her lower back.
This made room for the anus and allowed me to combine my finger and tongue at the same time.

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Olesya was so drunk and available that I realized that I could fuck her in the ass as befits – a member !! With shaking hands, I took off my panties and sank down slightly to the side and from behind to touch the tip of her penis to her anal hole.
But here I was disappointed.
The head of my penis was too wide even for the olesya’s anus developed by this time.
In any case, in order to try to enter a member there I needed to choose a more comfortable position.
I slipped a pillow under her hips and stretched her bent right leg so that now Olesya was lying completely on her stomach with her legs stretched apart at the width of her shoulders.
Her ass was raised thanks to the pillow below.
I completely removed the blanket and sat on my knees on top of my girlfriend in such a way that the head of my swollen penis would rest directly on her anus! Not able to restrain myself anymore, I bent down, licked her hole, leaving a large portion of saliva, with my thumbs, stretched the outer sphincter, hooking the strings on the way, and pressed a member into the aisle.
“Tight, very tight” I had time to think when my member pushed her sphincter circle and gradually entered the anal canal.
Olesya moaned something and stirred.
Nevertheless, I began rhythmic movements and immediately felt that her anal muscles are pushing my cock.
From these stiff spasmic movements, I could not stand it and began to furiously cum right in her ass.
Olesya moaned and crawled under me, and I was no longer able to be afraid of anything.
I was getting a fucking male orgasm that was accompanied by the rhythmic muscular contractions of the Olesinian canal.
After pulling out my dick, I fell off on the edge of the bed, starting to come around and listen to the movements of my girlfriend.
Olesya turned over on her right side, her back to me and calmed down.
A minute later, I again heard even calm breathing! I began to make out laughter – she did not wake up! Ha ha, I fucked her in the ass and she did not even understand it! I looked at her ass, good, she lay again in a comfortable position for this.
Thongs were completely wet and sperm flowed everywhere from its rear opening and along the perineum.
I figured how to clean it, but then decided that let everything be as it will be.
See what she says in the morning? I fell asleep happy, and in the morning when Olesya woke up with a wild otkhodnyak and went to the toilet, she did not say anything to me and did not ask questions.
I don’t know if she noticed something and was too shy to ask.
? To my questions about how the bachelorette party went, I honestly said that I got drunk and did not remember how I came home.
The kid was standing at the door, in total confusion, pale, with an angry expression on his face. Hot sex movies online watch.

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