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I walked past it to the sink, began to wash my hands.
The girl looked at me strangely.
No, not in the sense that she was embarrassed by the fact that someone had been eavesdropping behind her (especially the other girl.

The main thing is not to have a boyfriend, but rather because he suspected something.
It seems she understood that I am a guy! No, it can not be.

I carefully selected the outfit, carefully shaved off all the hair on the legs, hands, face and under the arms.
Picked up the perfect wig to my green eyes.
Damn, I was excited by my own reflection in the mirror! No, I’m still a girl.
Trying not to look at the girl, I quickly left the female restroom.
It was the most wonderful and exciting observation of a peeing girl for all my time of study.
It does not matter that I did not spy on her directly.
These sounds were more expensive than anything in the world! And besides, she is really as beautiful as I imagined.
Even more beautiful! My Goddess.

All participants of the story more than 18! “Wait for the call; wait for the call; wait for the call!

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”Masha repeated the same phrase, sitting at the teacher’s desk, watching her pupils.
With each repetition, the inner voice more and more broke into a scream.
Droplets of sweat appeared on the forehead of the intern at the pedagogical university, and her legs crossed under the chair shrank even more.
As if she did not try to restrain herself, but the onset of orgasm inevitably approached every second.
“It wasn’t enough for me to indulge my weakness and take a vibrator with me!” – her thoughts were lumped together – “I just wanted a fleeting pleasure and relaxation during the lunch break! But no.
I managed to sit up with this vibro-egg at the student’s desk, so I also dropped the control panel from fright!
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