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The guys stayed in the living room, and Aley and I went to the bathroom to change clothes.
It took quite a long time.
When the costumes were on us, it turned out that these straps do not cover intimate places, and that they need some kind of underwear.

Throwing on a dressing gown, I ran out into the living room in order to grab a pair of black panties from the locker, since my friend and I wear light-colored underwear and did not fit the black straps.
In the living room were guys.
They had already taken off their shirts, but did not put on anything, but were sitting in jeans.
When they saw me in a bathrobe, they immediately stood up, and Egor, smiling, said: Come on, show yourself, Glyuchtay? (if I am not mistaken in this way) In response, I playfully shook my head, saying not — but! You will wait) Snatching a pair of panties from the locker, I trotted back.
A hand managed to pinch my buttock, through a bathrobe, I did not even notice whose, but automatically slapped my hand and disappeared behind the doors of the bathroom.
There were chuckles from behind.
In the bathroom, we finally put on the appropriate underwear, and went out to the men in their newfangled leather clothes.
Egor and Vysokiy Andrei lit up like lanterns, and the second Andrei opened his mouth.
How to describe what they saw.
I will describe something like this: The straps covered the chest only near the nipples, in places they twisted around the body, They wrapped their legs, arms, and waist.
In general, it felt as if the body was being hugged by dozens of delicate hands.
(the straps were from soft good skin).
Well? Will we be photographed? – Alina smiled.
The guys silently exchanged glances, then rummaged around in the bags a little more and removed a couple of collars from there on short leashes.
Yes exactly.
After all, the neck was not covered.
Without asking too many questions, we put them on.

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I think it’s time to talk about how we look, otherwise the story will be blurry.
I am not very tall – 1.
71m, I weigh 52 kg, I cut shortly so that my hair

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does not interfere with the sport – training.
My hair is blond, chest about.
well, normal breast is shorter))) Alinka has black hair with black, like a goth, breast, perhaps more than mine, and she is a couple taller in height.
Andrei, well-built athletes, especially high Andrew, basketball player.
Yegor, in turn, is not of great height, but of very broad shoulders.
He, in my opinion the second category, or the first, took in weightlifting.
The guys did not want to be photographed, because, Egor.
Rising, he approached me, and tenderly embracing the waist, eagerly kissed.
It was a little unexpected on his part, but I was excited by his half-naked look, and with his unreliable suit, so I accepted the kiss with pleasure.
His hands, in turn, slid over my bare hips and buttocks (I suppose, just waiting for this).
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that two Andrew surrounded a girlfriend, and whispered something in her ear (one on the right, the other on the left))))) When the kiss was over, Egor took me to my room, where I laid a blanket on the floor grass color for photography.
Andrei and Alya followed us.
Some of them purred something like a laugh: Dark Elfs fell into the clutches of the Orcs! In response, everyone giggled.
Egor picked me up and laid me on the sofa, and he, lying down on top, continued the series of kisses.
I was not a little calm that I lay in such an erotic form under a weightlifting master and feel his tongue in my mouth.
“It would not have turned out a hopeless situation,” I thought.
Yegor’s hands were robbing all over my body, in an arrogant, squeezing chest, thighs, buttocks, even cheeks.
I would like to say something, like, “Didn’t you grow awkward, handsome?” Only the mouth was busy, so I thought that I was breaking the high for myself and others, and answered his caress with similar ones.
My hands slid across his back, grinding hard rock like muscle.
One of the muscles, stepping through the pants, pressed between my legs.
“Wow!” – I thought, “Yes, this is the same.
“Further, I did not even know what to think.
In my head flashed one thought “SEX!”.
On the left I heard the sound of savory smacking.
Without tearing my lips from my Yegor, I looked in that direction.
I did not see the expression of my face at that moment, but it seems to me that it was twisted at that moment.
Everything inside me turned cold when I saw that tall Andrew, already without pants and without underwear, was sitting at the headboard of my girlfriend, and she, in turn, kept his sexual organ in her mouth, while the second Andrew, thoughtfully pulling off Alinka’s panties. Korean live stream sex.

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