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The tickling touch of the fingers of others to the pubis caught me off guard.
Startled by surprise, I involuntarily relaxed and that was enough to lose bladder control.
“Well,” the nurse smiled, “And someone recently said that she did not want to write.”

Let’s fix the scribble, otherwise you almost missed the pot.
– Wow let the fountain! – surprised stranger mom.
I continued to write with might and main, not knowing where to go from shame.
“You see how simple it is,” the nurse smiled, turning to Lena with an unfamiliar mother. “If a child tries to endure the urge, he should just be made to relax.”
And the quickest way to do this is tickling.
“Such an interesting method,” the mother of the infant baby said, “It will be necessary to adopt it.”
Shaking off the last drop of my pussy, Natasha removed the pot from the table.
“Now you can have a massage,” she smiled.
The nurse easily lifted me from the changing table and carried me to another – a massage room, where she immediately laid me on my stomach.
“First there are such strokes,” she began to explain to Lena, “From the buttocks to the head with the back of the hand, and back to the inside.”

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Natashin massage was surprisingly pleasant.
Slowly I began to forget the insult to the nurse for the fact that she unceremoniously made me write at all.
“Now the pens,” said Natasha, “also up and down.”
And after the handles buttocks and legs.
The nurse began to massage my ass.
“We’ll spread the legs wider,” she explained, “To have access to the inner thighs.”
I turned my head to Lena.
She, fascinated, watched the actions of the nurse.
“We are turning to rubbing,” announced Natasha. “It is carried out with fingertips.
Here are such spiral movements.
Also back, arms and legs.
Be sure to foot.
For the next few minutes, the nurse silently massaged me, gradually descending from the neck to my legs.
It was felt that the girl is trying very hard.
– And now what are you doing to your baby? – Lena asked.
– Kneading, – answered Natasha, – It is just a slight tingling.
So massage only the back and buttocks.
Devoting his back for about a minute, Natasha took up my booty.
– Whose is this round ass? – she asked jokingly, – Now we nibble these chubby halves.
Hearing Lenino giggling, I blushed with embarrassment.
“We proceed to the last stage,” announced Natasha, “to chatter.”
Not knuckles, of course, but knuckles.
So, lightly.
See how karapuzu like? “I really like it,” Lena agreed. “She lies and baldeet.”
– Everything! – said the nurse in a minute – Turn around.
Natasha quickly turned me on

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my back.
Recalling that I was lying naked, I blushed deeply.
– Still shy of me! – smiled nurse.
– Yeah, – Lena agreed with her, – Look, how flushed.
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