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Natasha continued to suck dick, but he began to shrink and deflate like a balloon.
So, in the end, the whole was already placed in Natasha’s mouth and pleasantly tickled the girls’ palms with a halo.
– And now you show me? – Kohl smiled and stroked still playing with his quieter member Natasha on the head.

– Yeah !.
– Natasha readily released a member from her mouth and stood in front of Kolya on her knees, as soon as he stood in front of her.
But then suddenly all her determination left her: she did not remove her panties in front of the boys from the first class, and even before the first class she did it not so often.
Still quite bravely putting forward a small pubis, Natasha suddenly discovered that the courage had disappeared somewhere and her own hands did not want to obey her.
She only lowered the edge of her panties a little, and now because of them only the very beginning of her small cut with a strip of dark gun was visible.
“Natasha, I can not see anything like that !.
“Kohl sat down now in front of Natasha and patiently waited.
Natasha turned away in embarrassment, pulled out her crotch even more for decisiveness and lowered her elastic to her thighs.
Writing her fearfully pursed and looked like a soft arrow pointing down.
Kohl watched with interest, feeling the newly calmed member begin to strain under his stomach again.
“I still see so badly, Natasha !.
Take off at all.
“asked Nick.
Natasha from Kolya’s attention began to warm up under the belly.
Standing naked in front of the boy turned out to be so interesting that Natasha began to lose her awakening again. Live indian sex shows.

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