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He lets me go, looks anxious.
She probably thinks she hurt me.
And do not even know how right.

Just go.
Is sitting.
Do not stir.
And then, finally, my strength to cry ends, and I just lie, hugging a pillow.
And he sits beside him, not knowing where to put his hands.
I did not want.
No one ever wants.
Bends over me, gently kisses on the shoulder.
I wave it off.
My hand is intercepted and kissed halfway, apologizing again.
I begin to roar and kick again, but I am embraced by strong hands, and warm lips gather tears from the cheeks, while whispering apologies.
And all the inner bastions fall.
Because the lips are very soft, the voice is pleasant, and the breath is warm.
Because in his arms so comfortable.
So snug that wants to turn off the head and let the stream carry itself.
Wherever he carried.
I respond to a kiss.
I try to answer him, gently touching the tip of the tongue of his sky and tongue.
He sniffs impatiently, but does not force things.
Good boy.
My hands hug his neck, he makes the kiss more insistent.
Hold no more strength.
I give in.
I let his hands touch my breasts, play with nipples.

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I inhale deeply when his lips move from my lips to my neck and lower towards the collarbone.
His fingers squeeze the hem of my nightie t-shirt and pull it up almost to the neck.
I protest stretching my hands forward, but he immediately pulls them to the side and catches his nipple with his lips.
I’ve never loved petting a breast before.
Rather, they left me indifferent.
And now.
Inside, it seemed like a knot was tighter and tighter.
I was bursting with desire.
And somehow their hands began to explore his body in return.
The line of shoulders, back, chest.
Eroshit naughty blonde hair.
He moved to the other breast, caught the nipple with his teeth and slightly pressed.
I gasped, he immediately released it, apologizing.
In response, I just pulled his head to me to kiss again.
Because it didn’t hurt.
I still do not understand what is happening to me.
But as now, before I had never.
I hear a slight moan right in my mouth and it sounds like music.
His hand slides over the stomach and touches the perineum.
Carefully, as if expecting a new wave of resistance.
But I no longer have the strength to resist.
In addition, his touch is so nice.
Fingers begin to move slowly, caressing me.
A tight knot inside moves from the chest to the groin area.
I breathe hard and cling to his shoulders.
He pushes my panties aside, and I hear

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a soft moan again.
He did not expect? Apparently not expected.
That I will be so wet and hot.
For him.
Fingers continue to caress me.
It is almost unbearable.
Almost to the point of what I can tolerate.
His breath burns my ear.
From the hot whisper in combination with the movements of the fingers between my legs, I almost do not finish. Live on stage sex shows.

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