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Well, that would not go far, she did not go to the end of the base and sat down under a bush to urinate in the sand.
In short, I’m sitting waiting for my love in the house, but she is not and is not.
At first I even thought that she ran to the end of the base.

When twenty minutes later she appeared on the threshold.
I immediately realized that something had happened.
The eyes gleamed, cheeks browned.
– What happened? – I ask.
And even so unhappy as that.
– Igor, I flew away !!! – How? Tell me! – I ran over the corner of the house, crouched under a bush, purred, and I myself looked at the trickle.
I finished, and without having pulled on my panties, I raised my eyes, and a neighbor boy was sitting next to me on a bench and looking at me.
I am the leaf that wiped throw away and myself start pisyuhu caress fingers.
And I look right at him.
The kid was sitting in shorts.
Pushes them aside and starts to jerk off.
Lyuba says: – I swam at this moment! He is rising, cowards on his knees, a robe is pulled up, and in this form he stands and looks at the boy, who is three meters away from her.
And this minute he ends.
She to him.
And he has a breakaway, his pummeling, and he begins to whimper in a fright: “Aunt Lyuba, don’t just tell your parents.”
They are now in a cafe, but for the time being I have not gone out to smoke.
Well, my Lyubasha is already in the factory, and we only talked about who she would take off.
Imagine her condition? She takes the boy by the hand and she in his sperm and pisyun peeks out of shorts. Live sex in cam.

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