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I did not think I would allow more.
Sergey frankly squeezed my buttock with two fingers.
I sighed and turned to him.

We began to kiss.
He stroked my body, first through the dress – chest, hips, then his hand was under the dress, penetrated under the panties.
I lost control of myself.
Surrendering to instinct, I eagerly felt his dick, penetrating under jeans.
He suddenly pulled away and told me to undress, he also pulled down his jeans and sat down on a chair.
I obeyed – took off her dress, shoes and panties.
At the same time I was embarrassed, but the sight of his standing member deprived me of self-control.
I came up, sat on my knees and began to suck.
I sucked for the first time, slightly nibbling and swallowing only the head.
Sergey took me by the ears and began to move, forcing me to swallow deeper.
It was very nice to feel his dick in his mouth, but there was not enough air.
Suddenly, behind someone took me by the hips.
Sergei did not give me a look, his hands raised my ass, a member easily penetrated into the vagina.
I was just moaning and trying to twirl my booty, but it was already too late.
It became somehow strangely indifferent and pleasant at the same time, I arched again.
The movement of the penis made the vagina vibrate.
Meanwhile, Sergei groaned, squeezed his hands tighter.
Hot sperm flowed into my mouth, I tried to swallow, but it flowed out, dripping from my lips and chin.
Behind the movement, too, accelerated, it was all nicer.
Now I began to moan.
Sergey left, I was fucked from behind, I didn’t know who.
Soon I felt the sperm coming out inside me – the guy had finished.
Oleg came up – now I could see that he and Victor were here – he put me on my back on the sofa.
I did not resist.
He spread my legs wider, lay down on top of me and put a member.
His dick rubbed my clitoris with movements, I moaned with pleasure.
For the first time in my life, I began to approach orgasm.

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I tried to cuddle up to him harder, I wanted to squeeze my legs, I threw him around and lifted my hips so that the dick touched inside the bottom of the vagina.
Sergey again gave me his dick in his mouth.
At that moment I finished, twitching and mumbling.
Oleg, finishing, took out dick, sperm spilled on my stomach.
I wanted to rest, but Sergey put me on the table, put his legs on his shoulders and fucked for 10 minutes, eventually I got excited again, and when he began to knead and pinch my nipples, groaned sharply from pain and pleasure, an orgasm came in a minute .
They got dressed, but I lay naked on the table for about 5 minutes, recovering myself.
Then she dried off with a towel, got dressed and went home.
No one thought to accompany.
Immediately I felt very ashamed.
The next morning I left for the city.
I still do not understand how I could allow this, what happened to me then.
I was not drunk, I was not raped.
I never met any of those guys.
There was nothing like that anymore.
I’m 26 now.
Until now, with this memory, I feel ashamed.
And it becomes warm in the lower abdomen.
– No, only here I missed him.
Of course, when he massages, he does nothing obscene, he has his own principle.
Work is work.
But then, as soon as he knocks over a hundred grams, he, like an unhappy fan, begins to swear in love.
And I need it.
I told him a hundred times that my husband is your friend, and I love only him and our two children.
And the nurses dismiss: Fu hate, I do not even want to talk.
Well, what have you got on your ears, go on, learn to do massage.
For convenience, the man got his knees on the middle shelf, and began to back.
His cock barely touched the wet thigh of a woman, and immediately insanely pleasant sensations swept through the bent trunk.
And when he reached for his shoulders, his end, as if by chance, began to touch

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again and again, and then pressed against the outside of the buttock.
The new masseur continued to knead the vertebrae in the neck, no longer hesitating to press his tired member.
In order to somehow divert his sexual desire and not to break, the man poured water onto the stones, and the steam splashed out with a new force, burning his earlobes.
Lera covered her face and her ears at the same time with her palms.
– Zhenka, it seems to me that the smoke poured out, bring cold water, otherwise I will burn with fire.
The man obeyed, and immediately gave her a large full cup.
Lera lifted her head, washed her face, and then noticed before his eyes a rebel organ.
Washed and steamed, he seemed even thicker and more attractive, and she did not know what to do with him.
But there was no limit to the woman’s ingenuity; she immediately splashed cold water into the man’s groin. Livejasmin for free.

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