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Gradually, the festive event was coming to an end, the guests began to disperse when both puff-up beauties were face to face.
With a smile that more resembled a grimace, the blonde expressed her best wishes to Svetlana Alexandrovna.
Svetlana Alexandrovna’s answer was, as expected, friendly and cordial: Comrade, I hope that you too will be in my place, in the future you will have a long job “Svetlana Alexandrovna’s haughty facial expression forced Olga Olegovna to clench her fist and look closely at the competing teacher by repeating my congratulations again.

The blonde headed for the exit, however, the phrase physics teacher made her stop.
“By the way, your Gregory is such an intelligent and pleasant young man, I love working with him so much.
“The blonde turned around, her large, milky white breasts violently heaved and seemed almost to go out” Svetlana, you go too far.
“The brunette continued to smile.” But, Comrade, he is exceptionally gifted and really needs more time with a teacher who can maximize his talent. ”
“Leave him alone, witch!” shouted Olga Olegovna.
Such a turn of events forced the school director Mirov to stand between two women, he forced the geography teacher to apologize, however, the rivals understood that this was not the end of their enmity, but only a temporary lull, their confrontation had to be renewed with a new force at the first occasion.

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This case came a month later at the end of May.
Outside was wonderful weather, school day was coming to an end.
Olga O. closed her office and went towards the exit.
Passing past her rival’s class, she could clearly hear the voice of a physics teacher.
The door was ajar, and the blonde was unable to overcome the temptation to see what Svetlana Alexandrovna was doing after classes.
At the very first instant, Olga O. experienced a feeling of strong irritation, since her beloved student, Gregory, who had eagerly listened to explanations of a beautiful brunette, looked at her eyes.
It was extremely warm at school, and a big-breasted brunette not only took off her red jacket, but also unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, which allowed her to see her huge black bra.
It was obvious to the teacher of geography that her favorite was trying not to look at her rival’s luxurious chest, however, Gregory could not help it when Svetlana Alexandrovna approached his desk, leaned over, and her delicious hemispheres almost touched the student’s head.
“Now, Grisha, do you understand this task? I think we have time for one more.”
Seeing how her pet’s face was covered with paint, the blonde could not keep her composure and opened

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the door.
From an unexpected sound and Gregory and Svetlana Alexandrovna started.
Olga O. was dressed in about the same way as Svetlana Alexandrovna, her outfit made it possible to appreciate the large milky white body of a blonde.
Both women were extremely busty, although the physics teacher had an advantage in this part of the body.
“So, Comrade, have you come to see our occupation?” – Said the brunette with a poisonous grin.
Olga Olegovna’s answer was extremely simple – with all her might she slapped a resounding slap in the face of her rival. Livejasmin free video.

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