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It was small, only 16 centimeters long and 4 in diameter, but she could use it without touching it.
Not touching? What is it like? It is said that he had a special mount so that it could be fixed at any angle to any object.
But the question arises, why then do not make a similar phallus, but larger? Maybe the mounts could not stand, smiling, said John.

One of the researchers believed that the phallus somehow could move itself, in the likeness of modern phaloimitators with motors.
And he referred just to the fact that Queen Shemei did not hold the phallus with his hands on one of the images found.
The exceptions are images where she masturbates with large phalluses, and this small one is always depicted without hands.
Sally enthusiastically read it and did not notice that John came up behind her and began to massage her shoulders.

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She raised her head and kissed him, exposing her chest, taking off her swimsuit to the waist, she closed her eyes and relaxed.
John strongly and at the same time gently massaged her smooth shoulders, lowering his hands below, he squeezed her breasts tender like a peach and rounded like a coconut.
Making circular movements with his hands around his breasts, he returned to his shoulders, then lowered them again and everything repeated.
Sally got up and laid her breast on the table, stretching out her arms, while John pushed back the chair and, standing behind, massaged her back.
He collected his skin in his fingers with his fingers and did so from waist to shoulders, then with tapping movements of his fingers went down again to the waist.
He took off her swimsuit, which was collected by an accordion at the waist at the hips and, squatting down, caressed her slender legs from heels to buttocks.

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With his hands, he squeezed her buttocks, pushing them a little apart, with such a movement he could see the ring of the anal entrance and his thumbs on the length of the nail he penetrated there.
John got up and took off his swimming trunks, freeing his penis, which has long been torn out.
Wait! – Suddenly exclaimed Sally, rising from the table.
– Look! Sally.
Said John, frowning.
You first look at the images on the amphora more closely, ”Sally said, after kissing him on the lips, running her hand over the penis.
Masters of sex season 1 episode 1 watch online free.

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