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I groaned: it means that a black dress, it means that the lustful looks of unfamiliar men will always be riveted to my body.
– Honey, you look amazing.
but too lowly – the husband said a little bit displeased when he leaned over to kiss my cheek.

– And these are my new business partners – Vasily, Leonid and George.
And this is my wife – Natalia, at your service.
Today she will take on the responsibilities of a hostess, I let go of the servants.
Then he leaned back to the ear and added in a whisper: “Provincial fuckers.”
Squeeze their plant – like two fingers on the asphalt.
But you still twist your ass in front of them.
I nodded awkwardly, feeling the paint rush to my cheeks – all three of the “provincials” standing in front of me immediately looked at my breasts with fascination.
Still covered with cloth! What could they find there? Volume, elasticity and shape, obviously.
And the lack of a bra, it seems, also noticed.
– The mischievous voice caused annoyance, but I tried not to show a bad mood and, clearly realizing that now I give back views to the lewd views from behind, led the guests to the Small dining room.
Well, rather, Natasha led me, and I — the guests.
From the explanation of my dark angel, it followed that the Small Dining Room was intended for meetings without ties with light snacks and cocktails.

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The main room was separated from the “camp kitchen”, according to Natasha, with a partition almost the entire width of the room, and only the arches on both sides provided access to the kitchen.

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In the kitchen there were always replaceable products and meals every day.
Wine, whiskey, cognac, various liqueurs, etc.
also kept there, so when the men settled on the couches around the low wide table, I confidently headed for the wall.
All I had to do was pick up food on a tray, I could serve glasses and drink later, when everyone expressed their preferences.
I had already loaded the tray with different vases, dishes with various treats, when suddenly a loud cheerful voice came from behind: “Help, hostess?” As I was – with a tray in my hands, I turned, trying to smile amiably and graciously.
But the smile immediately faded away: George, and it was he who looked at me with the kind of owner, like a prostitute bought at the station.
His gaze leisurely surveyed my chest, sank lower – on a slightly left hip in the section with a stocking looking out of an openwork elastic band.
Wow, they’ve gotta stick to you again.
Do you think he will burn out? Never, ”I snapped mentally, and then almost dropped the tray with dishes, because Geogry suddenly took a step forward and began to paw me on the chest.
Without expecting such impudence, I stood like that – with a tray in my trembling hands, flustered, fluttering eyelashes.
– What.
what do you.
– I mumbled, with all the clarity realizing that during my stupor, the man squeezed my hemispheres strongly several times and once even pulled the nipple so inappropriately.
– How is that? Nicholas said about you – “At your service.”
– But.
But he did not mean it! – Yes, I know your fucking orders in big cities.
Probably already waiting when you can sneak away from her husband and have sex with him.
This is the pickup guru, – Natashka was stunned not much less than me, but she continued to have fun with might and main.
– Give here a tray, – George took the tray and carried it to the main room.
I, as a somnambulist, swam after him, realizing with horror that under the rough onslaught of hot men’s hands, I immediately became wet in my panties. Model lingerie nude.

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