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Finally, the trickle straightened, and most of her golden waterfall was still not on me and not on the floor, but in a cup.
“Well, how clumsy you are,” Mikhalych muttered. “Lift up your girl, otherwise she’s all wet because of you.”
I could say something, but I didn’t even want to, because I myself thought about how I would rather lean on my pussy with my lips.

The piquancy was also in the fact that I licked the pussy of my girl, but a few inches from her was a few inches from her.
But I was not up to these nuances.
I came off only when I felt that a member of Mikhalych rested against my chin and hit the nose with the peculiar smell of a dirty penis after sex.
I looked up and saw that Masha and Viktor Mikhalych were kissing passionately for a kiss: she was half-turning to hug his neck, and he was crushing her resilient breasts with both hands.
Finally, Mikhalych broke away from the kiss: – Wow, you! Already excited.
The second time in a night.
I tell you, not a girl, but a gift of fate.
Well, come on, wet me.
– What wet, – sincerely misunderstood me.
– Well, fuck me wet! I’m worried about your girl so as not to disturb her pussy, but my dick is dry and you are next to him.
Are you cutting? “Max, please, please,” Masha repeated the request.
And not only verbally, she pressed my head to Mihalych’s groin with her hand, and for some reason I did not resist (at that moment it even seemed terribly exciting for me, because of blatant obscenity), and several times I moistened a thick erect member with your mouth
Looking up, I looked up to my lovers – they were kissing again.
– Well, what are you waiting for, insert it, – Mikhalych seems to be friendly, but he ordered me to insert his dick into the pussy of my girlfriend. Naked male webcam.

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